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b_idan 15 Jan 2008 20:05

KLR650 vs DR650
what u think better 4 me?
75 kilos, 1.78 m
2 months riding at the eastern "d".
Mainly on rads.

In compeir of price/ maintenence/ long days of ridding
& which one will be easier to sell?..

thanks Idan

cozcan 16 Jan 2008 07:35

All I can say instead of a long justification is that I am very happy with my 04 KLR C model in a continent where KLRs are not common. The classical "doohickey" replacement and a bigger tank as in A models is definitely recommended. It is a "Jack of all hearts master of none" bike which I prefer for all my motorcycling experiences. I did some maintainance exercises with both and Kawa was much more practical and less demanding.

But I must also admit that DR650s are slightly tougher. Just for confusion, why don't you include also Yamaha XTs in your list. It was my previous bike and they are worth considering.

b_idan 17 Jan 2008 10:50

I didnt write about the XT because I want to ride on road most of the time,
And somehow I realized that the Xt is more 4 the dirt..

Maybe Im wrong

thecanoeguy 23 Jan 2008 07:03

not really
no more dirt than the others

whitey222 25 Jan 2008 01:44

The DR is basically just a big trail bike. You've stated that most of your riding is on the road though.

The KLR comes with a much more sensible fuel tank... 22 litres. The DR's tank is only 13 litres, although there are plenty of after-market alternatives.

Seat height is about the same... DR = 880mm, KLR = 890mm.

The KLR is 22kgs heavier, but that's only an issue offroad.

The KLR's seat is more comfortable. So, it's a winner if you plan long hours in the saddle. The DR's seat is only slightly better than those found on enduro bikes, but once again there are after-market alternatives.

Both bikes have fairly simple no-frills suspension. If I was riding either of them on the road often, I'd be looking at stiffening them up. The DR in particular is sprung quite softly. However, at only 75kgs, they might be OK for you.

Both bikes have been around for ages and are mechanically similar. I wouldn't expect one to be better than the other in this regard.

So, for a mostly road bike, I'd recommend the KLR. If you had said that you planned to spend most of your time offroad, I would have recommended the DR hands down.

If you're not planning to do any offroad at all, I wouldn't recommend either bike - unless cost is a major consideration.

Hope some of that helps.

b_idan 15 Feb 2008 16:38

Thank u whitey222..
which bike u do recomend 4 road?


whitey222 21 Feb 2008 11:46


Originally Posted by b_idan (Post 174757)
which bike u do recomend 4 road?

I hear the Ducati 1098R is pretty good. :biggrin3:

Dual Purpose bikes are a compromise. If you're not going offroad, get a road bike. The one that suits your skill level and budget is the one to buy.

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