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Tim Wood 22 Aug 2012 14:41

Karinjini National Park
As it's still winter here in WA (ie: cool), Id like to take the bike up to Karinjini NP from Perth. I'd have 6 days or so to do it. Does anyone have any experience of this trip and road conditions inside the park? I realise it's 1400 Kms.

m37charlie 22 Aug 2012 16:16

The roads in Karijini are great. Gravel, but very smooth. But you expected me to tell you that 6 days from Perth return is ridiculous. You won't have any time to enjoy the gorges. We took ~ 2 weeks from Karijini to Perth one way last September. We stopped at Cape Range NP and Coral Bay.


Tim Wood 4 Sep 2012 03:41

Thanks Charlie. The 6 days was because of time off work and I have done 1000Kms/day quite often. However, I'll allow a bit more time to enjoy the park, certainly more than 2 days.

hplp 18 Sep 2012 23:49

At the moment the roads in the park are ok, just corrigated.

I was there a week ago. It took me a day and a half to get back to Perth too so your idea is possible, just mad!


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