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Kiwirider 16 May 2006 03:28

HU Travellers Meeting in New Zealand

Does anyone know if there is a meeting organised for New Zealand this year?
I am keen to come along and listen to all the wise travellers :)

Where have the previous meetings been held?

Nigel Marx 17 May 2006 05:49

NZ HU Meetings.
I have ran three some far, at my house in Amberley, Nth Canterbury, in January. I didn't run one this year (reasons why have been thrashed out here enough but include shifting house) and have been thinking about organising another one for next year. It will probably be for around the second week in March as some importants things are happening in January... If anyone else wants to take up the reins, feel free. The past meetings have always been somewhat informal, more just a group of like-minded people eating, drinking and yarning. Is there a demand here for a meeting, more like what has been held in most other countries, with trade support, speakers and seminars? Here's everyones chance to thrash it out.


Nigel Marx

mattmbishop 17 May 2006 08:06

I've had a couple of folks stop by in Dunedin through the communities mailing list, notably an American called Dave whom I believe Nigel met as well. Putting your name on the communities list is a good way to meet some of these wise traveller types (substitute crazy for wise in Dave's case).

I guess whether or not anything more organised than a bbq is required depends on how many are keen. I'd definately come along to something more organised but I'm out of the country from July onwards so my interest is only speculative at this stage.

Kiwirider 17 May 2006 22:10

Hi Guys

I was just curious to see if there was one organised, I had a look around but only found the details on the previous meets.
We may do something informal when you get back Matt, I would be keen to hear your experinences of you across Oz trip

Cheers Scott

parkie 18 May 2006 01:44

HU meet

I'd be up for a meeting too... preferably North Island but what the hell - have bike, can travel.

Sorry we never made it to your place last year Nigel - we weren't on the road in time for the HU meeting and too many people to catch up with on our lightening lap of NZ... Are you ever up Auckland way?

Nigel Marx 18 May 2006 08:18

HU Meeting
That's ok that you couldn't make it, mate. At least you let me know. I don't get up that far north very often, but next time I will be sure to meet you for a beer. If anyone wants to organise something for this year, can they let me know early? It would be good if it's on one of the very few weekends I have off work, but with enough lead-in I have some chance of getting someone in to do my job. There's only four of us in the South Island, so it's not always possible. As far as hooking up with travelers, and that's one of the best things about an HU meeting, the peak season seems to be Jan-Feb-March, but that's pretty obvious! Like I said, I could do another one next year, early March, but anyone else (North Island?) can step up. The last three have been great fun. I have put on a lamb on the spit (traditional style, over hot coals and hand turned) and put down about 100L of good home brew six months out to get it well aged. Two years ago, we had about 25 travelers and 15 locals, and went for a head-clearing ride into the Nth Canterbury Alpine Lakes, 120km of gravel and FWD tracks, the next day. Great fun!
Ahhh but it's great to see people interested.

Cheers, guys
Nigel in NZ

P.S. Yes I did have Dave Smith stay with me three or four times. Man, but could he make a hole in your beer fridge in a short time! A very entertaining bloke.

gibbo 18 May 2006 09:59

I would be keen to get involved if there was enough interest in the BOP / Waikato (or even Auckland).
Could chuck a slideshow & some stories together.

Kiwirider 18 May 2006 13:00

Ok the real reason - And I need as many of you as we can
The real reason is we are planning something REALLY BIG in Feb/ Mar next year, at this very early stage I cant let on what it is but it will be good!! :D

So if you arent planning anything too much keep the last 2 weeks in Feb free, more will be revealed (including the final dates)

Cheers Scott

parkie 19 May 2006 04:20

Stop teasing!

What are you on about?

Kiwirider 19 May 2006 05:07


Originally Posted by parkie
Stop teasing!

What are you on about?

I cant let on, or at least not until we have firmed up on allot of the details, but you have my word, HU readers and members will certainly find out about it first :)

What I can tell you is
1. It is a motorcycle tour.
2. It is related to HU
3. You can join in for 1 day or all 14 days (lenght to be confirmed)
4. You will make a difference to peoples lives

That is all I can give out
Once the info has been released I will accept offers of assistance


parkie 29 May 2006 07:30

HU travellers meeting?
Gidday Scott,

Looks like a fun tour you are arranging -http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/hubb/motorcycle-events-around-the-world/new-zealand-3-day-tour-21337

Lots of great roads there, have riden most of them several times. I take it by the route through Mataki Valley you mean the back road from Murchison through Matakitaki?

I agree with y_kiwi's comment about the first 2 days being a bit short - surely 1 day is enough for these roads with a pub lunch at Hamner? :thumbup1:

If you want to make the tour longer and more fun then why not continue further south, plenty of good options - Grebe river, the Nevis, Danseys, Hakataramea, etc

What is the tie-in between this tour and a HU meeting? I'm all ears - or is that eyes?

Kiwirider 29 May 2006 08:20

Hi Rich

This has no tie into the Hubb Meeting/event I am also looking at doing, that is still in the planning stages.
All will be revealed soon

The tour is still in the early stages, but I am still securing private land to ride through, I havent given all the secrets out :)

Cheers Scott

nx650 2 Sep 2006 04:51

any more news
Just read this thread any more news or plans from anyone?

Nigel Marx 2 Sep 2006 21:59

Hi Humpy. Nothing that I've heard of at this stage. I'm getting married this summer, so I'm all tied up, so to speak... There's still time for someone to decide to do something. I will be organising something for the next year (2008), unless someone else wants to. I don't claim any devine right!



parkie 3 Sep 2006 06:50

:D :D Good news - congratulations Nigel :thumbup:

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