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Nomadic1 21 Jan 2008 01:37

how to get bike insurance in Aus on a UK licence?
Can anyone help?

Im here in Australia (Melbourne) for a fairly longterm business contract and im here on a 457 long-stay business visa. I've checked on the VicRoads website and it indicates that for those who are temporary residents that you're allowed to ride on your existing UK licence. You only need to convert to a Victoria licence if you intend on living permanently.

This said, I'm now struggling to find any insurance provider who'll cover me on a UK licence, with 3 years no claims, and advanced rider training.

Can anyone provide information, insurance providers and or assistance on how to proceed? Not having wheels is driving me f'ing crazy.


Frank Warner 21 Jan 2008 02:37

1) Ring the RTA down there and find out what 'they' mean leagally by 'temporary' ... could be 3 months in the one location? Someone there will know.

2) You'll find the insurance is costly ... so much so that few, if any, take it out .. thus the insurance people don't offer a product no one buys. Not happy? Ring the Insurance Council of Australia (?) and ask them to recomend a few ..

RogerM 21 Jan 2008 03:23

Its probably cheaper to sort out a Victorian licence, goto Overseas drivers - licences : VicRoads
which details what you need to do.

A UK licence is just a straight swap as far as I can tell, no tests at all, just pay your fees.

Insurance companies will accept proof of a no claims discount from the UK so you wont need to start at zero.

dotcaf 21 Jan 2008 12:36

What kind of insurance are you after? They distinguish between 3rd party persons (required) and 3rd party party property and your own property (both optional).


RogerM 21 Jan 2008 19:21

Ooops, I had nt read the bit about not having wheels.

The legal minimum insurance (3rd party injury) is paid at time of vehicle registration, it wont matter where you come from as it is community rated across all vehicles of a certain type.

As long as the vehicle is regsitered you are insured against injuring someone else, I'm not sure about if you injure yourself or you cause the accident in VIC - but your employer must cover all medical expenses whilst you have a 457 visa. You'd better check with them that their insurance will also cover motorcycle accidents.

If you want to insure yourself against other claims - third party property or comprehensive insurance (damage to your vehicle as well) has to be bought, Yellow Pages and lots of quotes.

As an aside, be careful not to get to comfy as the Labor Govt. vowed to cancel the 457 scheme as part of its pledges about removing the past goverment's industrial relations policies.

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