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monavision 14 Jan 2010 04:19

how about buying a bike in NZ
looking for a nudge in the right direction. US resident looking to travel in NZ.
i'd like to buy a bike in NZ early this coming march, ride it for a good six weeks, and then sell again. I have a good friend in Aukland who'd help with the sale. What i'm worrying about is a non-resident purchasing, registering, insuring...blah blah blah. anyone try this recently? anyone have helpful info. about this route and the details involved? thanks in advance for any good ideas.

beddhist 14 Jan 2010 05:58

It couldn't be easier: just give your friend's address when registering the bike (c/o Joe Bloggs, ...). Third party insurance is optional in NZ. Injuries are covered by the ACC scheme, so you can't be sued, no matter how you drive. The ACC premium is included in the bike's rego fee, payble annually.

Welcome to NZ!

clintnz 14 Jan 2010 20:55

Yep, as long as you have an NZ address & some ID (your passport is fine) a visitor easily own a vehicle. You just need to transfer the ownership at a post office or vehicle testing station & make sure you have current registration ($312/yr) & WOF inspection ($30)

Have a look on www.trademe.co.nz (our ebay) for a bike.


beerjonny 15 Jan 2010 00:02


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