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nico-la-vo 31 Mar 2010 01:54

HELP! Gearbox bearings r100gs- stuck in darwin
Having just recovered from dengue fever and a dead starter motor, we have now got wrecked gearbox bearings. We are back in Darwin after an abortive attempt south. No mechanics can help (incl bmw- he says he doesn’t have the manuals/ tools, and won’t do it without) and we are stuck…

can anyone tell us where in the world to get the workshop manuals?

or is there anyone in Darwin who you know of who can help?

Not relishing the prospect as this would be the first time but we are going to take out the gearbox ourselves and present it to someone in the hope of it being an easier job. problem is campsites are not allowing us to work on bike and mechanics can’t due to health and safety – need to find a space.

any help appreciated.:(

farqhuar 31 Mar 2010 02:36

Hi guys, sorry to hear of your troubles.

There is a 9MB download of the BMW R100 series manual at Download the Technical eBooks: BMW R100R Workshop Service & Repair Manual R 100 R (I'm guessing the GS gearbox is the same, maybe just different ratios - I'm not a BMW rider).

It will cost you $9.99US and I am sure you can just print the relevant gearbox pages.

Re finding a place to work on the bike, you may have to check into a backpackers for a few days, but I'm sure if you find a far corner of the campground you should be OK to work on it - the campsite owners are more concerned about longterm residents turning the campsite into a permanent junkyard.

Re obtaining spares, as I'm sure you guys know, the bearings will be generic and there will be plenty of suppliers in town.

Update: checked the old HUBB postings, and thanks to Ali Baba for the FREE crappy scan here - http://www.actiontouring.com/bmwtech/manual.pdf

Ham46 31 Mar 2010 02:59

Hi nico-la-vo,
Here is an article on gearbox overhaul; Joergs Motorcycle Pages: BMW R-series gearbox overhaul
If you PM me I can send you a PDF of the workshop Manual.
I'm currently in Thailand and heading your way, but won't get down there till July!
Good luck.

nico-la-vo 31 Mar 2010 03:29

Farqhuar and Ham46, thank you both heaps- now have two manuals to give to mr bmw here, so def got a headstart, really thanks!

If there is also a saint out there in Darwin who has a backyard or a workshop they could help us out with, I will consider this site miraculous and donate everything I have…

…. going to try the bmw guy and take the manuals and gearbox to him (he said he’d give it a shot if we do this, so that’s plan a) but any more mechanics names welcome...

Keep any help you can think of coming guys, you are saving us!:D

Mr. Ron 31 Mar 2010 04:55

BMW transmissions are tricky, so take your time and research carefully. You will need to come up with something to pull off the flange from the output shaft. It's a tapered fit and VERRRRY tight! If you build a tool to pull off the flange, be sure you don't chince out, build it beefy and strong. An impact wrench works well. Don't damage the output shaft! Do a search for plans on how to build this tool if you don't have one. You will also need to hold the transmission solid, as you will later use the same tool to torque the nut back on. If i recall, its somewhere around 160 foot pounds, so you will need a big torque wrench. Clean the mating surfaces with acetone, or alcohol before putting them together and torquing the nut, it must be absolutely clean!
After pulling off the flange, use heat to remove the top cover. Be aware that there are shims on top of the three bearings which fit inside og the recesses of the cover. Don't mix them up! Keep everything together as it comes apart Chances are you may be able to put the transmission back together with the same shim stacks. Make a note of which bearings have seals and on what side. You will need a press and a bearing tool to remove the bearings. The hot/cold meathod works well for putting things back together.Replace the pall spring! Having rebuilt a number of these transmissions, i couldn't imagine doing it successfully in a camp ground, you will need a shop and some tools and a torch (not a flash light, doh!) Okay, good luck :thumbup1:

Gummikuh 31 Mar 2010 09:08

Hi !

If you can, try to call Bruce from munichmotorcycles in Perth he probably can send you all the parts you need or any advice.

You need special tools for the gearbox...

their nr is 08 93173317 site is Munich Motorcycles

All the best!!

Give us a shout when you make it to Alice !!


nico-la-vo 31 Mar 2010 09:08

thanks to all, have now got workshop space and manuals, so will be attempting dismantling it tomorrow to take gearbox to the bmw guy with the books .

so thanks for the all the help, we'll do an update to say how its going!

and hi gummikuh, will def look you up when/if we reach alice!

Gummikuh 31 Mar 2010 09:14

Good luck!!!

See you then!!!


Jake 31 Mar 2010 09:22

Hi Nico I know your sort of sorted but if your bmw guy is looking reluctant or expensive - remember almost any gearbox specialist (car/truck etc )can deal with a R series gear box they are more car like than modern bike style and usually these guys are far cheaper than a bmw workshop. Just a thought. Good luck with the rest of your journey.
PS Don't sweat about taking out the gearbox either its not as daunting as you may think its pretty straightforward. While you have it out check your clutch, and clutch activating rod and just take your time.

RogerM 31 Mar 2010 20:07

Personally I'd be getting right up BMW Australia about (I assume) an authorised BMW dealer refusing to undertake repairs. There's no excuse - BMW make extensive claims about parts and service backup.

Mr. Ron 1 Apr 2010 02:05

Modern dealerships know nothing about Airhead BMW's. They're not trained to fix them, don't have the special tools and your lucky if they will carry the parts. In BMW's mind, the airhead no longer exists!
Good advise on the transmission shop :thumbup1: You can order all the bearings from any bearing house, but you will need to remove most of the seals. The output flange seal will need to be ordered from BMW, along with the pall spring. If you have any questions or need advise you can PM me.

steveindenmark 1 Apr 2010 08:39

Hi Nicky and Adam,

Steve from CSers here.

I left you a couple of links on CS but I think you are doing better on here but check my links out anyway.


nico-la-vo 2 Apr 2010 06:57

Sorry for copy & paste responses on various sites, my keyboards no longer working, so I have to use an onscreen one which takes a long time! We didn’t fancy repairing the box ourselves and the bmw mechanic doesn’t really fancy it either – but said he would have give it a shot.. Our decision was made much easier when the mechanic called back with a price – 600aud for parts and needed tools plus labour at 150aud an hour! We have now found a cheapish refurbished gearbox online - 450aud and its on its way, and have found a BM W enthusiast here in Darwin who is letting us use his workshop to fit it! The old one is out already so now just waiting for the new part to turn up. the advice about the gearbox specialists would probably work too - but i think the refurbished box is my best bet now. Everything looks like it should turn out o.k and we should be able to leave again next week. thanks for all replies & i''l keep you updated.

Mr. Ron 2 Apr 2010 17:57

This is a good plan Nico. Like i said, BMW boxes are tricky to reuild. Okay, now that the bike is torn apart, here is what you do. The swing arm has been pulled back already to acomadate removal of the transmission. Pull out the drive shaft and check the splines. This way you won't need to take it apart from the bevel drive. Check, clean and grease the splines with a good Moly grease. Also, clean and check the clutch splines while your there. If they are worn, replace the clutch plate. Apply moly grease sparingly, too much will contaminate the clutch. Have fun!

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