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Shells 20 Jul 2007 00:17

Daily monetary allowance in Oz - in a weeny 4X4
I know that as far as daily allowances go, everyone differs and it depends on your trip.

I have done motorcycle trips before, so at least understand the prep (mental and literal) for a trip, but am really not sure on what I should set as my expendature limit.

I am arriving in Sydney 1 Aug and plan to buy a little Suzuki Vitara (I know it's not exactly your GS of overlanding, but it will be a more practical every-day car once my road trip/mini-adventure is over).
I don't plan to do massive distances every day, but will be taking things at a pretty leisurely pace.

So - fuel costs won't be massive.
I will be camping as often as possible.
I don't eat that much, so don't have to worry about blowing the budget on food. Cold beer will be crucial though :thumbup1:

I am hoping to stay with friends when I can, but they are pretty dispersed (Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne). So the money saved with them will even out any unexpectedly expensive days on the road.

I was thinking of a mental limit of AUS$60 - $100 a day. But I really have no idea. Is that a reasonable guess?

crisbie 20 Jul 2007 00:30

$60 - $100
That should be heaps if you camp and stay with friends, accommodation will blow the budget. What you save one day can go towards accommodation the next.


Shells 20 Jul 2007 00:37

So, Crisbie,
You reckon I could lower it to $50 a day?

That'd be awesome!

I'm also WWOOFing (Wiilling Workers on Organic Farms) whenever I can, so will be housed and fed... and fit! :)

crisbie 20 Jul 2007 00:43

You could, but I guess it depends on how much you spend on beer.

Shells 20 Jul 2007 00:53

It's all about being prepared
I'll pack a short skirt and see how I go :tongue3:
(my sponsor never has to know)

Nigel Marx 20 Jul 2007 01:59


Originally Posted by Shells (Post 144137)
So, Crisbie,
You reckon I could lower it to $50 a day?

That'd be awesome!

I'm also WWOOFing (Wiilling Workers on Organic Farms) whenever I can, so will be housed and fed... and fit! :)

Have you seen Helpx? Help Exchange: free volunteer work abroad Australia New Zealand Canada Europe
It's like WWOOFing but more relaxed and it's web based with reviews of both helpers and hosts. We are there, ID1555.


Nigel in NZ

Walkabout 20 Jul 2007 09:31


Originally Posted by Shells (Post 144139)
I'll pack a short skirt and see how I go :tongue3:
(my sponsor never has to know)

That works, every time!

If you can "wild camp" I can't see why it should cost even the figures that are quoted.
Take pity on your friends though and take them out for a meal so that you are invited back!!!:rolleyes2:

Davest 20 Jul 2007 11:32

If you already have accom sorted in the main cities for free $60 to $100 a day would be plenty. Camping and Pubs is the way we do it on the bikes, most pubs are average $20 a night if you fancy a little luxury once in a while.

Best of luck with your avdventure.


Shells 20 Jul 2007 11:40

Thank you all!

Nigel, I'm just checking out HelpX now - it will be a good addition to the WWOOFing - thanks! I may even make it over to NZ. If I do I will definitely look you up.

So, Davest, you're in Sydney eh... ;)

Any free accomodation will definitely be repaid in beer/cooking/cleaning... but no dancing... or singing. LOL

Jimmyd 29 Jul 2007 17:30

Buget for Oz
Hi Shells,

Im setting off for a few months up the coast then down the centre and have been pondering the same Q for a while. i reckon $60-70 is a realistic goal if your not travelling too far each day. i wouldnt want to travell (on avg) more than about $25 worth of fuel a day. assume you pay for accom every 3rd day and camp the rest - you still have $15 far accom and $15 for beer and $5 for food;) each day. of course if your going to spend money on activities/tourist type stuff you'll blow my theory out the window.

but $60/day is what im countin on


Frank Warner 30 Jul 2007 01:12

A comercial/council camp site would set you back about $15 .. you need one of these every so often to do the washing .. and that will cost say $3 to 5 per load (washing powder etc) ... Pubs are generally $30 a night .. usually includes breky. The cheap places are few and far between .. free camping is good but you do need a shower every now and then .. fortunatly most of the outback roadhouses or even comercila camping grounds will offer showers at $3 a go, saves some $$ on the overnight fee.

$25 .. will that might get the bike fuel tank full .. if it is a large tank and not empty .. but at well over a $1 a liter .. in any car your looking at $60+ a tank .. Think it would be around $2 a litre in the remotest places for petrol.

exploringrtw 18 Sep 2007 01:46

Camping/Accomodation in Queensland
We've been on the road now for around a month and have found most campsites to charge around $AU16-$AU24 per night, the average literally being $AU20 of the privatley owned camp sites in the nicer areas. e.g. Tourist areas, Airlie beach(although the campsite was not a prime spot itself, was $AU19-we've been at Hydeaway bay, a little known area, for a week and we got the 7th night free BUT it still normally costs $AU19 per night) There are however free sites which have basic facilities such as toilet and wash basin and we stayed at one where you could also have a 6 minute hot shower for $AU2. The facilities were very well maintained as well but we haven't seen many of these. In the outback of course you can pretty well camp where you like for free.

As for Motels and the like, the cheapest we've found so far has been $AU50 but normally they are nearer $AU65-70. We generally don't do backpackers but they also looked 'fairly' expensive when we were initially considering our options when we arrived.

As to the original question, I would say $AU50 per day would be comfortable without fuel, eating out, or any tourist trips if you use Private camp sites.



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