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Herbert 17 Jul 2004 14:26

CANNING Stock route nearly finished
Hello together,

Andreas Hülsmann and Jörg Becker (both from germany) are currently on the canning stock route.
They don´t have a support vehicle but 63 liters of fuel with them.
They are using two BMW F650 GS converted from TOURATECH.
You can join there travels on the Internet under:
or english under
they have a satellite tracking system and we can see them every 30 minutes where they are.
They followed the CSR from south and they will arrive in Halls-Creek probably on monday next week.
They also have a message bord with a dayly update under:
We are phoning once a day (they have an Iridium telephone)
If there is anybody near Halls-Creek for the moment, they would be glad to see other avellers when they arrive after three weeks in the desert.

Best regards to all of you


Herbert from Touratech

Herbert 17 Jul 2004 14:33

Hello again,

here is a picture of the two travellers with one of the bikes:


Best regards


Herbert 20 Jul 2004 03:19


I only wanted to inform you that Andreas an Joerg have finished the CSR today. They arrived at Billiluna and they want to reach Halls-Creec tomorrow (on tuesday the 20th) at about 12 am.
If there is anybody in Halls-Creek please send them greatigs from the Touratech team http://www.touratech.de and that we are very proud that they have done it without a service vehicle.
There have not been a lot of other motorcyclist that have done it bevore.

We will post some pictures very soon.

Best regards


Canning Walker 10 Dec 2013 20:31

Herbert - Touratech - please make contact
Hello Herbert

Thank you for your updates. Please could you contact me regarding some information about the ride as most of the links are now broken.

I am researching Motorbike traverses of the Canning Stock Route and posting them here A Short History

Many thanks


AliBaba 11 Dec 2013 08:54

I don't think he has been active here since 2004. You can try to reach him at Touratech in Germany.

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