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PaulD 7 Feb 2009 04:12

Bike Rental
My wife and I want to attend the Hu Meet in Mitta Mitta,:thumbup1: but live in NQ, so due to time restraints, we will fly to Melbourne, and then hire a bike which leads to my ? Does anybody know of a Bike rental company that we can use, it will be only for 4 days, and my preferred bike being (1) V-Strom (2) Bonneville (3) F650 GS (4) Anything.:helpsmilie:

Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.:scooter:

PatHorne 7 Feb 2009 14:31

We hired bikes from castlemaine

Get in touch with mark at Australia and New Zealand motorcycle tours and rentals - BikeRoundOz

We hired two Suzuki 650's

No problem

DukeXTZ 8 Feb 2009 03:07

I got a number (4) type spare bike which I could offer you for some sort of reimbursement.

It's a fully registered and insured TT600R, based in Melbourne.

I'll probably go there too, and we might eventually swap the bikes on parts of the road / share luggage.

Let me know if your interested.


PaulD 12 Feb 2009 03:32


Thanks for the offer, but I secured a bike (friend of my Brother) but I do acknowledge I owe you a beer for your offer, looking forward to meeting you at the meet. My wife and I arrive in Melbourne on the Wed. and will ride to Lakes Entrance and stay the night and head up to Mitta Mitta via Omeo the next day.:thumbup1:

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