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Dingo 20 Mar 2009 05:52

Aus to to the bm factory berlin
Hello every one.
Last year in Nov I completed a 14 mth ride from Muscat, Oman through east africa to Asia.One week after arriving home in Bali I suffered a stroke which has left me without use of my left arm or hand.Prior to this, i was already thinking and arranging my next ride which would have been on a vintageBMW'54 R50/3 in 2 from the eastcoast of Australia through West Africa back the factory in berlin.I did plan this for 2010 but Due to what has happened I have postponed this for another year and am now planning to begin in Feb of 2011iIam now also contacting a cpl of companies I know cha to ask for assistence to do this for two charities in particular(Riders for health) and theAustralian stroke foundation) and wanted to ask any one here if they would care to join me for this epic rideand to assist others who maybe in thesame boat?Aslo any assistence with planning would be greatly apprieciated
Ivan (dingo)

Travelsick 20 Mar 2009 13:51

Good initiative
Hi Ivan, good initiative. Hope things will work out for the better for you. We are travelling from The Netherlands to Australia by Landrover. Our way back might be the same you're planning, so let's keep in touch, perhaps we can help out.

All the best, Don

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