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GSDane 5 Jul 2007 22:01

Aus Insurance
Hi there..

I´m gonna spend appr. 3 months in Australia from November 07 and bringing my own bike :clap: - shipped from Denmark.. and therefore registrered in Denmark.... and I being Danish!

Anyone who knows where I can insure my bike during my stay....???

Can´t wait :mchappy:


Frank Warner 16 Jul 2007 02:45

Insurance .. what kind?

The basic answer is - you can get what is the minimum insurance legally required to ride you r bike here fairly easily. If you want to get the maximum possible insurance .. than you will have to pay lots and lots of money and be prepared to wait for it to be issued.

I don't know anyone who actually obtained the maximum cover ... most settle on the minimum cover. The minimum cover is usually third party personal - covers a person hit by you (or pillion) .. but does not cover property (the other vehicle) ...

If you want to go down this route .. you had better say what stat you are landing in .. it changes from state to state .. sorry about that.

brettsyoung 16 Jul 2007 05:09

QBE will insure your bike (and they are motorcycle friendly) while you are in Oz. You can get in contact with them in advance and organise the details. You will have to insure the bike for a minimum of six months. If you have a A$10,000 bike expect to pay about $400 (this is only a guess and might be well off the mark).

QBE Insurance Group


Frank Warner 16 Jul 2007 06:45

Try it ..

Originally Posted by BrettUAE (Post 143541)
QBE will insure your bike (and they are motorcycle friendly) while you are in Oz.

I've rung them before - they won't insure a bike registered in another country while here - they want you to register it here first !!!!!!!!!!! ... so no QBE won't ... go on .. give them a call and see.. you can also get a price from them too ... try a HD at $23,000 ...

brettsyoung 16 Jul 2007 07:16

My apologies
As much as I hate responding to eat-sh*t messages I figure I must, as I have provided incorrect information. The QBE rep in my building (a mate of mine) gave me the wrong advice when I asked him about this issue earlier. I checked again, then he checked again, and indeed the bike must be registered. I led you astray. Contrary to the sentiments in the nasty reply above this was not my intention. sorry 'bout that.


Nigel Marx 16 Jul 2007 23:33

Hi Brett.
I didn't read it as an abusive email, even though it was fairly abrupt and economical with words. There's a green sh*t-eating grin on the title, which I took to mean it was in good humour... but it is hard to read the tone of the message into the text of a message.


Nigel in NZ

(Trying to avert a flame war on his patch)

Frank Warner 17 Jul 2007 01:12

No offence intended -
Sorry - just my err .. 'attitude' when ruddy stupid 'policy' things come up --- and where even I can see we are being ripped off big time ... grrrr It is not just the named company .. I've rung a few .. even the insurance council .. I recon it is a #^$#&%&&*%. Legally you are allowed to use a foreign registered vehicle here .. and yet you cannot get insurance easily ... it stinks that they think it must be registered here .. what ^%$&* difference does that make .. the whole thing gets to me ... I've tried the same thing for Africa .. and it is even worse there .. well sorta.

No offence intended to any individual person .. but I get agro when I see stupid things being done .. I always hope that others would be better than me .. and get upset when they not. Not intending to be nasty .. but correcting the info was first thing .. the "ring them and see" is intended to increase the perceived demand from their side of the fence.. and to reinforce the attitude of asking directions 3 times before thinking you might have the right answer :) [having just been to the UK HU meeting .. how to ask the question is the first step .. then ask 3 different people at 3 different locations .. if all 3 have the same info then they might just be right ...]

------ And none of you have corrected my error in my first post ...

"You must say what stat you are landing in"

This should be "what state your bike is landing in" ... that would have been better.

Moodoo 17 Jul 2007 03:44

I'm not sure how bike friendly they are, but I recently insured a UK Landcruiser (on carnet) with RAC Victoria. They didn't seem to have a problem with it being foreign, and I don't think RAC WA mind either.
I guess if you were desperate you could always try insuring each state separately through the RAC....


brettsyoung 17 Jul 2007 03:59

Jeez Frank, you've made me feel like an idiot again! This time your very pleasant response makes me think I over-reacted somewhat the first time (which obviously I did). Beers all round (to toss on the flames). As least I get a free beer on Friday from my QBE mate.


Vaufi 17 Jul 2007 12:20

Check this thread:


When importing your bike on carnet basis (temporary import) you have to have it registered at the licensing office, but you do NOT need a local registration. Meaning, your foreign number plate is just registered in the computer.

You are handed out a licensing disc which you have to attach to your bike. And the registration includes a basic (Oz) 3rd party insurance. Besides that, check out with your home insurance company whether they cover Australia as well. Mine maintained they do. True or not, I fortunately didn't have to verify ;-)


Frank Warner 18 Jul 2007 02:11


Originally Posted by Moodoo (Post 143673)
I guess if you were desperate you could always try insuring each state separately through the RAC....

No need - if it is insured in one state it is strangley insured for the rest of Australia .. but the ruiles are different state to state .. so if you have insurance in one state best not to worry about the others as long as it remains valid.

Hans .. the carnet is a document for importation taxes .. not registration .. so I don't see the connection there .. the carnet alows you to bring the vehicle into the country without paying the duty ... you need to fill out a few forms about temporty import .. if you did not have the carnet you'd still be filling out the same forms .. with quite a few more thronw in for good measure! Then you go to the registration office that knows nothing (or very little) about duty .. just registration.

Vaufi 18 Jul 2007 14:53

Forget the carnet
I wasn't explaining the carnet - what I wrote in the above post was that even when importing your vehicle on a temporary basis you HAVE TO REGISTER your vehicle at the licensing office. When registering your vehicle the FEE INCLUDES a 3rd-party insurance.


@ Frank: Glad you returned home safely and didn't drown in Good old England ;-)

Frank Warner 19 Jul 2007 02:42


Originally Posted by Vaufi (Post 143913)
@ Frank: Glad you returned home safely and didn't drown in Good old England ;-)

Fortunatly I managed to bring some of it (the rain) down here.. not enough but some. But it is ruddy cold at the moment ... winds from the antartic!

I know I've got that lead from the electric vest to the bike some where .. do you think I can find it?!

Stealth 21 Jul 2007 12:23


Originally Posted by Vaufi (Post 143913)
When registering your vehicle the FEE INCLUDES a 3rd-party insurance.

Caution here, as that 3rd party may only be 3rd party injury and not damage. I know bikes don't run into cars :(, but if the *unlikely* event should happen you may be up for the costs if you do not take out extra cover.

GSDane 4 Sep 2007 21:40


Originally Posted by Vaufi (Post 143724)

Well - now getting closer to my three month ride in Oz - arriving in Melbourne November 21th. :clap:and gonna end up in Perth for my flight home on February 21th. - Gotta figure out where to do the kilometers in between? :mchappy:

But thanks everybody for the replies.... I studied this thread - and darn... a lot of authorities and offices to visit - but on the other hand it gave me a real nice overview about the welcome commity when I start my great ride :welcome:
So as I get it now - and correct me if I´m wrong - I can get the third party insurances (both injury and property??) at the authorities when I arrive / get registered ... and have to live without the comprehensive ins.
Or do I have to go to a "normal" insurance company to get the basic ins.?? Companies such as "aristaunderwriting" and "Kings Cross Market"??... are they any good?

Cheers... GSDane.

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