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David and Cheryl Laing 8 Jun 2004 14:29

Anyone want to join us from Australia to Asia
Been home 2 years now from 18 months on the road. Over it. Off we go again in September. Ride Brisbane to Darwin, ship to Singapore stay in Thailand a wee while, freight to Bangladesh, Goa for Christmas, through Pakistan to Europe March/Aprilish.
3 of us. I am 56, husband 58. we are on Honda Shadows - 600's and Peter, 51 on a Harley is going to join us for his first taste of overseas bike travel. Not sure about attempting it on your own then you are welcome to start off with us. Ring me on 07 34088337 for more info. Or ask more questions here.

Nigel Marx 9 Jun 2004 03:43

Just out of interest, David and Cheryl, what did you ride last time? How did the bikes turn out? I have looked at the Shadow and thought it a good bike for a long trip. Easy to ride and light. My plans also include Bangladesh so I am hoping to hear how your trip goes.

Regards, Nigel

--"How can I be lost if I don't care where I am?"--

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David and Cheryl Laing 9 Jun 2004 09:53

My bike is a 1997 Shadow 600 5 speed and Davids is a 1993 600 4 speed. You can trust a Honda to just keep on going. We wondered if it would take us on some difficult roads and then we thought that if it didnt then that didnt matter as there were millions of good surfaces to ride.As it turned out we were not restricted by using a cruiser. We rode from manali to Leh in the first week of June. Rode to Kashmir, the Afghan border areas Cambodia, Iran. You name it we took the bikes there and they never let us down. These are the bikes we are going away on again. Because of ground clearance you need to take spare radiator bottom hoses as we busted a few riding over rocky landslides or through creeks/rivers.
The highest road in the world didnt worry the bikes even though it is said that you loose 10 percent effeciency for ever 1000 meters of height.

Dingo 21 Jun 2004 00:10

What month do you guys plan to head off?

Also are you travelling through Indonesia and did you have to get a Carnet if you are?


David and Cheryl Laing 21 Jun 2004 14:12

Hi, we are leaving Bribie Island in September and heading to Darwin where we will ship to Singapore.
As far as Indonesia is concerned am sure a carnet is not needed but we are not going there as at this stage we do not feel comfortable travelling there as Australians. Have had 'so so' experiences travelling there so do not feel the need to go back.

Dingo 1 Jul 2004 05:26

Thanks for the info, I am also Australian and have had no probs at all in Indonesia as I work there. I will be in Brissy on Wed 7th July and will give you guys a call for a chat about your plans. Maybe myself and my wife would like to join you all?

OK Cheers

tomforde 16 Jul 2004 12:12

Hi David and Cheryl,
Remember me? I met you at the OZ HU meeting at ULLMARA last year, you may have inspired me to do my trip! I am currently in Koh Samui, Thailand. And leave for Chang Mai on monday.
Will be in South East Asia till Xmas, so give me an email.
Oh ye, I bumped into your mad Brother and his wife in Brunei on the way to the UK, great people, say hello for me.

llanelli 20 Jul 2004 11:09

Hi guys,
We met last year at the HU meeting and that inspired Wendy to get her license. We are currently riding around Australia and are in WA. We hope to be back in QLD late August and then we will probably 'do' QLD before heading overseas. We are looking at leaving Brisbane mid October and flying to Singapore then overland to the UK. Thailand to either Nepal or India (depending on weather in Nepal) We will get in touch when we get back to Brisbane if you haven't already left. When do you think you'll leave Darwin? Are u flying your bikes to Singapore or shipping by sea?

Andrew and Wendy

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David and Cheryl Laing 1 Aug 2004 17:13

Hi, sorry to take so long to answer but we have been away. We have found tennants for our house and are in the process of packing up and getting ready. Our plan is to leave here(Bribie island) at the beginning of September and ride to Darwin. Then to ship/Perkins to Singapore. Would be good if we were ready to fly ourselves by Sept 15th as that is the last day for the cheaper air tickets but having said that it all seems way too hard at the moment and I really think we will be later than that.
Spending a 'short' time in Thailand. It is so easy to spend too much time in Thailand. . . it is the sort of place that really lends itself to being on your bike. All so easy and nice.
But we want to spend Christmas in Goa so the plan is to air freight to Bangladesh and ride to Goa. Then in January slowly wander to Nepal, back into India and when the weather warms up a bit in March, do the ride to Quetta and through Iran. Not keen on doing that when it is too cold....how quickly one gets used to the Queensland weather.
Look really forward to you all joining us at any stage of the trip.
(Perhaps early Nov is when we will go from Bangkok to Bangladesh. Last time freighted to Nepal so thought we would try it a different way this time.)

David and Cheryl Laing 3 Aug 2004 14:41

Have thought that we will give Bangladesh a miss this time as they have problems with floods. . . I know that that happens every year, but they will not be back to 'normal' by the time we plan on being there. Will spend a bit longer in Thailand and then freight to Delhi or Goa.

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