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trybalfish 24 Feb 2010 18:47

3 weeks riding in new Zealand
Hi all

I am riding both islands in New Zealand for the month of March 2010. Would love to meet up with other riders on the road to compare notes, etc..

using the new Zealand motorcycle atlas for most of my routes (if not all) Great book!

beddhist 25 Feb 2010 02:10

Contact us by email when you are in the centre of the NI. We are about to finish our 4 months and are looking to settle down here.

trybalfish 25 Feb 2010 16:33


How's the weather been?

I will be starting my new zealand journey on Friday March 5th in the north island.

tourman 25 Feb 2010 16:44

Two weeks on South Island Feb 2010
I have just returned from New Zealand South Island, I hired a BMW 800GS, what a fantastic country. I was camping, the weather was great, no rain during the day, does it get better than this? This was my first visit to New Zealand, I will be back, some nice roads, nice friendly people. The run to Glenorchy was one of the best roads, Cameron Flats is also very nice, I did 2400 miles in 12 days. If anyone needs any information just ask.


Nigel Marx 25 Feb 2010 21:42

Hi George.
Before you get down our way, Christchurch, get in touch. I may be able to get away for a couple of days if you fancy a touring partner. At the very least, I know where they hide the good beer around here!
What sort of touring are you doing? Main roads, back roads, gravel, camping, hotel? The Motorcycle Atlas is great, but like any book, it doesn't have everything in it.


Nigel in NZ

trybalfish 26 Feb 2010 02:13

Hey Nigel

Doing 9 days in the north island. then taking the ferry and doing 10 days in the south island. Should be hitting Christchurch by fri march 19. Riding a honda shadow 750, so not doing any backroads or dirt roads or anything of that sort.

hoping to ride a good 200-250 miles per day. actually each day I have under 300 total miles for the day. I heard that New Zealand miles are a bit different then anywhere else in the world. so it will be interesting to see. I did roughly 400-500 miles per day in Canada and Alaska. Great riding up there. Very remote.

Wont be camping. not bringing that gear and then heard that booking places to sleep this time of year in NZ was tough. So pre-booked all my nights in everything from motels to holiday park cabins.

Actually will be in Christchurch 3 different times. After taking the ferry from the North island, I plan to head west to Golden bay, and then south to reefton, then take the lewis pass to Christchurch to meet my girlfriend. then we are riding the next 7 days...

1) arthurs pass to greymouth, then on to fox glacier.
2) fox glacier down to queenstown
3) queenstown to te anau and see milford sound
4) ride south to invercargill or maybe pass on it if its not worth it (any suggestions?) and then ride to Dunedin
5) ride back up to Chi-church
6) ride up to kaikoura and hopefully do some whale watching
7) we fly home :(

Hey Tourman.. how many miles did u avg per day?

thanks everyone

beddhist 26 Feb 2010 09:12

As tourman said, Feb. was good, but before that we had an El Niño-summer: cold and windy. Not nice for us in our tropical gear. Even when Kiwis say that it's hot, it's only 20C in the shade.

Pity you pre-booked everything. This time of the year it's absolutely not necessary. You will have long days in the saddle, the roads are not as straight and fast as in N. America.

Have fun, whatever and wherever you ride.

trybalfish 26 Feb 2010 17:54

Yeah, I was really against pre-booking. I never did that on any trip. would rather just get to where i got to, and then find a campsite or motel or whatever. I was just told to by many kiwis for that time of year. no worries. i can ride 200-300 miles a day no problem. I'm all for spending 8-10 hours a day on the road on my bike.

As for the weather. Im planning on cool rides. will have my riding gear and rain gear for that matter


thecanoeguy 27 Feb 2010 11:37

big days ,
yeah seems you will be busy ,i am on my trusty klr for 4 weeks in april just after easter

Keith1954 27 Feb 2010 14:44

Hey, I just arrived here in NZ (AKL) from England a couple of days ago, on Friday morning (26/02). Right now I'm sorting out all the paperwork and other stuff before shipment (by air) across the Tasman to Melbourne on or around Wednesday-10th March.

So me and my Transalp will be here, in North Island, for another 1½ weeks. I've planned to spend most of this time in and around the Auckland <~~> Northland Region.

It would be great to meet-up for a coffee/beer + chat if anyone's in the same area for the next 10 days or so. If you're around then please do not hesitate to send me a PM or e-mail at: keithooper [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk




Road Hog 27 Feb 2010 18:48

We did a two week run in NZ three years ago, mostly south island. Traveled 3000 miles. Some long days but I love the ride. Wife and I did 6000 mile Alaska run in 16 days but would have liked more time. Best to think of kilometers as miles in NZ and it will come out to about the same butt time as riding US or Canada, If you rode 400 to 500 miles on a run to Alaska expect to do no more than 400 to 500 K in NZ. It is the land of endless twisties, enjoy.

Road Hog:scooter:

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