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maria41 29 Jul 2011 20:11

3 years later....We emigrated to Brazil (Rio)
Coming back from one year motorcycling around South America mid-2008 we never imagined this.

3 years on and we have emigrated to Brazil. The opportunity of a life time came our way (we had been sniffing for something like that for a long time to be fair) and when my husband's boss (who was aware by then that we wanted to go to SA) asked him if he was interested in opening an office in Rio we plunged! Alistair got the job despite many volunteers for the job, and now here we are!
We have been lucky certainly.

WE had to make sacrifices (selling ALL our motorbikes in the UK for a massive discound due to time constrain, as we cannot import them to Brazil for example, giving up my fairly well paid job and career in the understanding that I would not get a work permit in Brazil...) anyhow, we thought, the hell of that let's get there and see how it goes!

I look forward to meet travellers. Please do contact the Rio Community or send me an email or pm. We look forward to meet you! :)



maria41 29 Jul 2011 20:34

What I forgot to add is that being a housewife (for now) will leave me with plenty of time to prepare the next Big Trip :)

this time I want to go all the way, which means all round! A RTW it is! When? No clue, but it will happen :D

Cheers from sunny Rio :Beach:

(no not gloating at all :innocent:)

brclarke 30 Jul 2011 03:41

Terrific - congratulations!

Need any more staff from overseas in the new office....? ;)

anaconda moto 30 Jul 2011 14:43

If you are going around South America ,make sure to visit us here in
O.k. have a good live:mchappy: over there ,and a lot of greatings from the Amazone.


*Touring Ted* 30 Jul 2011 15:12

yeah yeah.. Rub it in why don't you. :clap:

Paulo Assis 30 Jul 2011 16:32

So, welcome to Brasil (with a "s", for sure, as we wrote in portuguese).
I hope you enjoy it.
I believe that you can import your bike, without pay any tax because you are coming to be a residents and if you own your bike far more than two years. Did you ask this question to anyone?
Sejam bem vindos!

Paulo Assis 30 Jul 2011 19:32

Hi, Maria.
Sorry. There is a mistake.
Motorcycles are not included.
Look at this (portuguese):


O estrangeiro que ingressar no País para nele residir, de forma permanente, além da isenção sobre a bagagem acompanhada, concedida a qualquer viajante, tem direito também à isenção relativa aos seguintes bens, novos ou usados:
  • Móveis e outros bens de uso doméstico; e
  • Ferramentas, máquinas, aparelhos e instrumentos, necessários ao exercício de sua profissão, arte ou ofício individualmente considerada (deve ser comprovada a atividade desenvolvida pelo viajante no exterior).
Os bens integrantes de bagagem de estrangeiro que migrar para o Brasil com visto temporário poderão permanecer no País sob o regime de admissão temporária, pelo tempo necessário à obtenção do visto permanente, por meio da Declaração Simplificada de Importação (DSI) eletrônica, registrada no Sistema Integrado de Comércio Exterior (Siscomex), podendo, nesse caso, ser dispensado o procedimento de habilitação para utilizar o Siscomex se a declaração for transmitida para registro por um funcionário da Aduana ou elaborada por um despachante aduaneiro nomeado pelo viajante.

In english translating, it is almost like this:
Foreigners who enter the country to live there, permanently, in addition to the exemption of accompanied baggage, granted to any traveler is also entitled to exemption on the following goods, new or used:

Furniture and other household goods, and

Tools, machinery and instruments necessary for the exercise of their profession, art or craft individually considered (must be proven activity developed by the traveler abroad).

The property included the luggage to migrate abroad to Brazil with a temporary visa may remain in the country under the temporary admission regime, the time necessary to obtain permanent resident status through the Simplified Import Declaration (DSI) electronics, recorded in the System integrated Foreign Trade (Siscomex) may, in this case, the procedure be waived to enable the use Siscomex if the statement is transmitted for registration by an official of the customs or prepared by a customs broker appointed by the traveler.


Jammin 16 Sep 2011 15:42

Congratulations Maria! :thumbup1:

I'm about halfway thru my RTW (in Kenya now) and when people ask me which country I'd like to live in, I immediately say Brassil! I loved Rio and think I could see myself there in the future... enjoy it bier

maria41 16 Sep 2011 18:18

Not rubbing it in Ted! Just followed a suggestion from Grant to put a post on this in here! :Danyhow i hope we will have some overlanders round at some point!

Paulo thanks for the details. I found a similar page in Custome website before we left the UK and we sold all our bikes. Now if only we could get our permanent visas sorted so that we can have some "official" existance here so that we can actually BUY bikes in Rio it would be great!

Loving it here though! One day all paper work will be sorted!

Right for now, time to go to my portuguese lesson, followed by some Caipirinhas on the beach (Yes I am rubbing it in :thumbup1:)

maria xx

Paulo Assis 18 Sep 2011 02:46

Don't try to explain what a kind of mix it is; ... just... drink .. and relax!
"um brinde para suas aulas!

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