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Phil Flanagan 7 Jan 2008 03:05

USA visa ????
Here's the problem . . . . . . . .. . . . . .
I have a 4x4 and we are travelling long term around the world.
We are entitled to enter (and have done) USA using the 90 day 'visa waiver program', but we need to stay longer.
Aparently we are not allowed to extend a 'visa waiver' entry.
My solution is i believe to enter Mexico and come back across border to get another 90 days.
BUT, aparently the official line is you cannot enter under the 'visa waiver' across a land border?
I have also heard on grapevine that British passports holders can request a 10 yr visa for USA?

I see 3 possible solutions and would very much appreciate advise from anyone with some knowledge of . . . . . . . . .

1) can i just cross from Mexico and get 90 day visa waiver ?

2) is 10 yr visa an option for brits? and if so where can i obtain?

3) is it possible to get a standard 6 month tourist visa from a US consulate in Mexico ?

As always, all and any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys.

nickt 11 Jan 2008 00:54

My info may be a bit out of date but,

1. Usually. Canada too. I wouldn't come back the same day though!
2. That's a B2 visa. Possible to get but a PITA. Expect to spend time at the US Embassy in London. Visitor Visas Business and Pleasure
3. Maybe, but I'd bet it's more difficult than 1. or 2.

If you are spending 180 days or less in the US then go for option 1.

Let me know when you reach Denver!


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