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OverAfrica2010 10 Feb 2009 11:31

Through Central Africa??
hello to all,

I have been looking through HU for a little while and found a lot of great info but I can't find an answer to our route problem.

Our trip will take us (3 vehicles) from the UK to SA over the space of 6 months where we will be filming throughout. Our African leg will start on the west coast and will head over to the east coast. The problem area of the trip is that we need to get from Cameroon to Kenya.
I have looked up on a couple of websites that they go through Nigeria, Chad , Ethiopia and then down to Kenya.
Is this a plausible route? As this company in the past has had troubles making that route and has had to make a diversion below the troubled countries (CAR, DRC) and go via Angola, Zambia, Tanzania and then up to Kenya which would then mean doubling up on the route to go back down to SA.
Does anyone know a set route or is it subject to change depending on what the social climate is in these countries at the time?

Thanks for your time


pdriver 10 Feb 2009 21:11

Try cross posting
I can't tell you anything about your choice of route, but given that the HUBB is mainly used by bikers, why not consider posting this message in the Route Planning and Sub Saharan Africa sections.

I've no doubt somebody will know where you should go, but they might not travel on 4 wheels.

noel di pietro 11 Feb 2009 13:18

crossing africa

Chad does not border Ethiopia. Sudan (Darfur) is inbetween and there you have your problem. Search the Hubb because there are many postings on crossing through Sudan/Darfur which I believe hasn't been done for years (by privateers). This is a war zone.

Crossing the CAR is possible but a hairy undertaking, CAR being in state of constant anargy. There are some Travellers report on this as well.

There is even a report of a Belgian car (radiobaobab) going from Zambia through DRC to Cameroon but I think that was not such a succes either, practically destroyed the car, flipping on its side due to concave roads up to 5 times a day! Not real fun. Search the Hubb, you will find the threads.

Crossing from west to east and vise versa has been a problem since 2002.
Your best bet is to continue all the way down in to Angola, then turn east towards Zambia and then up again if you need to go to Kenya.

That actualy was our initial plan too but once in Angola we continued to SA and decided to drive back home again along the east coast, was the best decision of the trip, you get to see it all!


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