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Stephano 31 May 2007 19:05

"There's nothing better"
Very positive review of the new land rover from the UK's Daily Telegraph.

gilghana1 5 Jun 2007 20:54

I got to try one in March in the UK, and was well impressed by some things. The engine is quite amazing for a 2.4, the anti-stall lets you climb a 45 degree slope in 1st low with no accelarator! Big torque compared to Tdi or Td5 which I drove immediately after. And the dash is a big improvement. But... That engine is perhaps not the best in developing countries, and I am pretty sure that the overall build quality is dubious. Having said that, incredible agility and so on. Would I buy one if in the position? If I lived in UK, yes. For overlanding, no (too high tech) and living in Africa I have had to accept that a Toyota is cheaper, simpler, more durable and reliable. Even though as a long term Landy lover it hurts!

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