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Ian Dennis 20 May 2006 17:34

TD5 in the Desert
Does anyone have any experience of taking a 110 Td5 across the Sahara. How reliable is this engine etc. I would would be interested in your experience.

roamingyak.org 20 May 2006 17:39

A few people have - have a look at www.africa-overland.net as there are various trips listed there.

diesel jim 21 May 2006 10:52

I drive a Td5 110 (in the UK) and also have 1 1/2 300Tdi 90's (i'm rebuilding one!), and my old 110 was 300Tdi.

initially i much preferred the Tdi's over the Td5. although i still do, i have learned a little about the Td5, and it's not really /that/ bad. although it has the electronic ECU (which you can get extension looms for to mount it up in the roof space away from water)

There are several sensors on the engine itself that can cause the it to go into "limp home" mode, with reduced power. and you'll need an electronic box of tricks to reset it. (although these are now available to the public for about £100 UKP)

If i was going to go deep into the sahara, i think i would go for a 300Tdi, as they're a bit more user friendly, but if you carried say, a spare ECU and some of the sensors/wiring you may be able to cobble together enough to get it running again......

hmm.... go for a 300! :-)

Ian Dennis 21 May 2006 16:23

Thanks for your reply. I agree my vehicle of choice would be a 200Tdi, however I may have to choose the more modern vehicle (I use it for work and play) as funds are tight.


grove 21 May 2006 20:59

I´m planning to take a td5 Defender to Mauritania this winter (I know, it´s not across Sahara). I have purchased the Rovacom Lite and try to learn to use it. I have droven it 2½ year with no problems. I have collected a list of possible problems with the engine and will take this in consideration. In the end, it do not seem to be more troublesome than others engines.

Erik D. 23 May 2006 20:21

FWIW, we drove our 2002 Defender 110 TD5 from the North Cape of Norway, and down to Cape Agulas in RSA for a year, without a single engine problem. A few years have now gone by, and it's still going strong here at home, and still no engine problems have occured.


ArschaufGrundeis 4 Jun 2006 01:53

It is not the engine You should worry about, it's the fuelpump inside the tank.
Keep the interior dustfree as much as possible and the electronics should not give You to many problems. Take great care when refueling in the wind or when getting fuel from roadside container "gasstations".
Good Luck

andyb43 4 Jun 2006 21:59

grove what problems have you identified mate?

grove 5 Jun 2006 21:09

Hi andyb43
I can see You are on Land Rover UK Forum too, so many of the subject´s is known to You.
1. The biggeste problem to overlanding is the fuel pump in the tank. Take a spare and fuel filters of course. The pump dont like dirt and can lose pressure gradually.
2. Oil in the engine harness and in ECU, problem up VIN XA173796, but later Vin have been reported. Gives misfire, porely performance. Solution (if no problem today) is to change fuel injector harness every 3 year (not so expensive)
3. Make sure the ECU is upgraded with the most new software(no new release in several years)
4. Flywheel disintegrate between VIN XA145775 to XA181042
5. Very early td5 had plastic dowles in the head. Must be changed for steel ones.
6. The dreaded oil pump bolt problem. Nobody knows how many engines are effected, but for peace in mind take off the engine oilsump and take off the bolt and tighten again with Loctite 243.
7. Fuelregulator can stick. Can also leak fuel. Carry a gasket and inspect.
8. On early VIN, the watersensor in the fuelfilter can be unreliable. Newer ones haven´t a sensor. Take it of and drain filter at service.
9. A td5 must newer use water. Leaks can be difficult to find. Leak can be in hoses, waterpumpgasket or worst, a small crack in the head with local overheating which can´t be seen on the tempgauge.
10. The wastegate vacuum "something" can stick (needs motion and WD40).
11. Studbolts in exhaustmanifold can shear off if getting cold suddenly (some people say so).

Look af http://www.web-rover.co.uk/nav.php?p=home
for more information.

Many problems is relatede to early VIN and only the fuelpump and the oil in harness is common, I think.
Carry a sensor for the flywheel in spare, the only sensor that can stop the viehcle, but others sensor such as MAF could be taken as spare.

If You take another engine and list possible known problems, I think there will be list too.
And all problems don´t come at the same time if ever.

Roman 6 Jun 2006 09:45


If You take another engine and list possible known problems, I think there will be list too.
Hi Grove,

Wow, impressive! OK, let's try beating this record.

For starters, could anyone give us 12 possible known problems with the Toyota 1HD-FT engine?

grove 6 Jun 2006 18:34

Ok Roman, I did not say how long the list will be :biggrin:
Toyota have fine engines. I had a Landcruiser HJ45 for many years, the H-engine was not that good (cracking enginehead), but the 2H-engine I put in was very reliable (one off the best old fasion diesel engines?).
I too think the td5 list is too long, but I have to live with it (doesn´t scare me so much). I can´t get a Landcruiser Hj78 here. Land Rover is one of the most well described vehicle (on forums), so problems is well known, not so with other 4WD´s.

FreeCaRveR 6 Jun 2006 22:01

TD5 is a fine engine
and the power is great to get up higher Dunes

sometimes loaded TDI's just mis the power to get up on high soft sand dunes
(no fun unloading the vehicle to loose 500kg of luggage to get up there :no: )

The worst nightmare on TD5 is the ECU.Just take a spare one and have it programmed at home(around 600€)
bushmecanics can repair a lot but not an ECU.

Richard K 6 Jun 2006 22:30

I've got some!

Originally Posted by Roman
Hi Grove,

Wow, impressive! OK, let's try beating this record.

For starters, could anyone give us 12 possible known problems with the Toyota 1HD-FT engine?

1. It's in a big ugly Toyota
2. It's in a big ugly Toyota
3. It's in a big ugly Toyota
4. It's in a....

grove 7 Jun 2006 19:26

I must disagree with FreeCaRveR. The Ecu is very reliable and will not give trouble, it´s dirty fuel that is the enemy (dying fuelpumpe in fueltank). The ECU have reported being drowned, dried, put back, and everything working again.
Today I spoke with af colleague. He have had two Toyota Avensis (the outgoing model and the present) both with problems with injectors and ECU. The cars drives, but do have som misfire/unbalance be´tween cylinders. ECU was changed on the first one, problem not solved on the latest.
Where can I read about this on a forum?:smile3:

FreeCaRveR 7 Jun 2006 20:25

drowned ECU on TD5 is 7 times out of 10 for the garbage.>> own experience

take a spare one as you will not find that easy someone who can program it in the bush.

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