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kitmax 9 Jan 2007 12:47

Surplus desert stuff for sale
Four aluminium Sand ladders, as per the Kitmax tried and tested design - £100.00
Viscous fan spanners for Land Rover TD5 & V8 engines - £20.00
80 Wayfarer ready-to-eat food pouches in various flavours - £2.00 each
These items were left over after our successful trip to Libya, east side.
We visited Tobruk, Jagbub, Big Cairn (Egypt), Waw Namus, Murzuq.
We picked up the trail of the LRDG’s 1941 raid.
Great scenery, splendid dunes.
No piste, quite challenging in parts, limited supplies and not to be taken lightly. Full report on my website

Bundubasher 29 Jan 2007 05:54

I'll take them!

Especially since: "Four aluminium Sand ladders... £25 each, or buy the full set for £90 incl free delivery."



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