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lc42 4 Nov 2011 10:33

Storing a Land Cruiser in the EU
I apologize in advance if this should be posted somewhere else, but I'm very new to this forum!

I've driven my (Australian) 4x4 across Russia and want to store it in the EU (prefer Holland or the UK) for 1-2 years as I will travel with it later.

Is there a listing of places where you can store your vehicle (hopefully inside) that I can check? Or does anyone know anywhere? And costs?

Any info would be great and I'll be ready to pack it away at the end of the month. (Nov 2011)

Also, does anyone know what to do when the rego runs out?


misterpaul 4 Nov 2011 17:40

I can't help with the storage question, but in terms of keeping your vehicle in the UK for so long I'm pretty sure it's not legal. AFAIK a non EU vehicle can only be here for 6 months, then you have to either import or leave the EU. All the technical stuff from Revenue and Customs is here. Whether anyone checks or not is another question. I also drove an Aus registered Landcruiser to the UK but via Africa. I arrived by ferry into Newcastle and customs just waved me through.

Regarding rego, it depends how legal you want to be and how handy with photoshop you are. No-one will know what Aus rego paperwork is supposed to look like and 3rd party insurance is available from Mototouring with a scan of your rego. I guess how easy it is to renew your rego depends on which state it's with. A couple of past threads on this here and here.

Hope this helps.

m37charlie 4 Nov 2011 23:14

I think rego in Western Australia can be renewed by mail.
I will renew my rego on my Unimog for Alaska while it is in Perth - by mail.


lc42 6 Nov 2011 20:08

Thanks guys.

The vehicle is registered in NSW so it's more of a hassle than QLD and VIC which I hear you just 'pay and go' so to speak.

Anyway, I'll chase it up and see what happens.


nomadic 16 Nov 2011 21:30

Met an Ozi couple in Morocco - stored their LC pickup with slide in unit on Oz plates several times in the UK. They came back each year to continue their journey for a few months to return it to storage again.

Apart from the rules - storage in the Netherlands is no problem - one year in advance is the norm. Though I'd remove the plates just to be sure.

Official indoor storage is about € 300 - 400 a year. Unofficial rates (no contract) start from € 20- €30 / month. Lowest rates are in less populated area's (the north) - highest near Amsterdam / The Hague / Utrecht.


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