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Blazeafar 31 Dec 2008 12:31

Southern Brazil to Ushuaia
Hi all, on the 16th of Jan we will be setting off from Souther Brazil for Ushuaia. Our ports of call will be;
Jan 17th: Uruguiana BR - Trenque Lauquen AG
Jan 18th: Trenque Lauquen AG - San Martin de Los Andes AG
Jan 19th: San Martin de Los Andes AG - San Carlos de Bariloche AG
Jan 23rd: San Carlos de Bariloche AG - Perito Moreno AG
Jan 25th: Perito Moreno AG - El Chalten AG
Jan 26th: El Chalten AG - El Calafate AG
Jan 28th: El Calafate AG - Puerto Natales CL
Jan 29th: Puerto Natales CL - Punta Arenas CL
Jan 31th: Punta Arenas CL - Ushuaia AG

Feb 3rd: Ushuaia AG - Comandante Luis Piedrabuena AG
Feb 4th: Comandante Luis Piedrabuena AG - Camarones AG
Feb 5th: Camarones AG - Puerto Madryn AG
Feb 6th: Puerto Madryn AG - Azul AG
Feb 7th: Azul AG - Uruguaiana BR

If any fellow travelers that will be crossing are path lets share our travel experences.
We will be in three vehicles with Brazil tags, silver Chevy Blazer, red Ford Ranger and a Hyundai Santa Fe.

Blaze out

mailking 6 Jan 2009 20:40

We will be stationed for some time, north of Cordoba city. In a town called Jesus Maria. You are welcome for some Chuhasco and beer!

Keep the rubber side down!

Too bad you will miss the Dakar!! :-)

Blazeafar 7 Jan 2009 11:52

Hey Mailking, looks like the closest I will get to you is possibly Rosario on our return.
Thanks for the offer. Actually we are trying to avoid the Dakar as we ore a little pressed for time.

Keep the rubber on the road and the oil in the pan!

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