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monster 9 Feb 2009 19:06

South to north african visa's
We're STILL trying to work out our route in Africa and are thinking of doing it the 'wrong' way round. Are we mad? Does everyone do west Africa north to south for visa reasons or just 'cos that's the favoured route? Has anyone come across a non south African driving north on the west coast?? Would hate to find ourselves in another visa nightmare!! ha ha
Many thanks folks,

BigTom 9 Feb 2009 21:43

South to North
Dave, check out neil's website scotlandfromthecape.co.uk. He is currently trying to do this route but is 'stuck' in Namibia and can't get into Angola.

freeflyd 10 Feb 2009 08:13

Try chatting to Jean Visser Ons4.

They have just gone through Angola and are now in Namibia. They had to get a transit visa for Angola...

F.Peeters 31 Jul 2009 13:08

angola visa
Hi dave,

Did the the same trip in 2007/2008. As far as i know the only place to get the Angola visa comming from the South is S. Africa. We heard from others it took them more than 6 weeks.

We did the west side first. The only place to get a 5 day's transit visa is Matadi. When you go to the ambassy in the mornig you'll have it in the afternoon. (Dress propperly!!!! Otherwise they will refuged enterance!!).
It took us 7 day's to get to Namibia. No problem at the border, they didn't even mention it.

We have been to other embassies along the way. This is useless. They will not issue it.


To Hel And Back 9 Aug 2009 22:01

we are looking at travelling down the east coast to Cape Town and then returning home via the West Coast (going North). I hadn't realised there were potentially issues with the Angolan visa, Does anyone know if there are any other particularly ackward countries on the West side? I heard there was an issue with getting into Algeria if you had a South African stamp in your passport. This is our route; ToHelAndBack - Route. Many thanks in advance.

JeanVisser 22 Sep 2009 10:26

Going up the west
We met a Vietnamese couple in Yaounde going up, they did Angola on a 30 day tourist visa which they obtained at the Angolan Embassy in Pretoria.

You can organise most visas going up the west in Pretoria so I would think visa-wise it is easier going up than coming down.

JeanVisser 22 Sep 2009 10:33


Originally Posted by To Hel And Back (Post 252669)
This is our route; ToHelAndBack - Route. Many thanks in advance.

A few things on your route. The police will not let a foreigner go travel north to Algeria from Timbouctou, AFAIK. I see you are planning to go through Algeria into Marocco, the Marocco/Algerian border is closed and I don't think it'll open anytime soon, given the relationship between the 2 countries.

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