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nomiskx 4 Feb 2008 17:42

Anybody got any up to date information on the costs of shipping and LR 130 to Cape Town and back again 8 months later ?

Given all the political situations up north I'm thinking of scraping a Trans-Africa in favour of a huge roaming loop around the Southern half.



Ian Dennis 6 Feb 2008 09:42

We shipped our 110 from Tilbury to Cape Town return last summer. We used Mac's Shipping and in England we chose John Good Sipping as our agents (Tel 01277 240550 ask for Vanessa). The cost including agent to Cape Town was £1118, which included a container for our sole use. We just had to get the vehicle to Tilbury. Once the vehicle arrived in Cape Town (6 weeks) we used Rohlig Grindrod as our agent (Tel +27 21 418 3218 ask for Henri Holthius and give him our name). Henri was brilliant, sorting customs etc. Their costs for import were S .A. Rand 7877 that included cartage, cargo dues, customs and Carnet exam. When you return you have to pay the whole lot again (about £1000 to Rohlig which will inculde the shipping cost, In the Uk we paid John Good £400 for re-import and port fees into the UK. Budget £4000. You will need a carnet from the RAC (Bristol) check their website and ask for Paul. We arranged a bank guarentee £250, otherwise you pay insurance £600. Finally do not forget insurance. We paid an upfront cost (yearly premium of £2500) then surrendered the policy on our return getting a refund. The actual cost was £600. We did not bother with 3rd party in SA as no one else does. If you want to chat send me a personal message with your phone number and I will ring you. In all it was very expensive to ship but we had our own vehicle fully equipped which was fantastic. We went for over 2 months and we reckon we broke even against hiring. In all it was well worth it and we had the most fantastic time visiting Namibia, Botswana and SA. Good luck..

michelbuyckx 24 Feb 2008 17:34


Originally Posted by nomiskx (Post 172680)
Anybody got any up to date information on the costs of shipping and LR 130 to Cape Town and back again 8 months later ?

Given all the political situations up north I'm thinking of scraping a Trans-Africa in favour of a huge roaming loop around the Southern half.



Hi Simon, For the same reasons I plan to ship my Unimog to Durban and make a huge loop through southern africa. I asked Wallenius and they can ship my big Unimog for 1800€ out of Zeebrugge, Belgium. That is cheap. Your LR must be cheaper. I plan to drive 4 months, store the truck somewhere safe and return later for the rest.

Graham Smith 25 Feb 2008 10:09


I have recently shipped a Toyota Land Cruiser with an Off-road trailer in a 40ft container from Durban to Tilbury.

I used Manica Freight who were pretty good in terms of organising things.
Shipping costs: USD 2300 = £1187
Handling charges: ZAR 7547 = £554

They were happy for me to pay this once the vehicle was back in the UK wich was pretty decent. It took 3 weeks to get back.

UK charges:
Customs and documentation: £90 - I used Thunderbird Freight - very good.
Port Handling charges: £160 - Safmarine

So my total costs were: £1991, so as mentioned above budget on £4000 both ways...
I would have hoped that a 20ft container would be cheaper for you... If not it would be worth it for members to consider sharing a 40ft container.

Graham Smith 25 Feb 2008 10:21


Originally Posted by nomiskx (Post 172680)
Given all the political situations up north I'm thinking of scraping a Trans-Africa in favour of a huge roaming loop around the Southern half.

Namibia was our favourite... fantastic place, especially with your own vehicle. I would also recommend getting up to Tanzania - Ruaha Park is wonderful, Serengeti is also fantastic - but pricy...

gilghana1 26 Feb 2008 05:51

It is not Cape Town,
but the China Shipping Line (with a big base in Durban) have just offered us freight rates for 20' Containers that no-one (Maersk, MSC etc etc) could even touch. We are using them for a shipment from Durban to Tema (Ghana) and the seem pretty good so far...

Beijing Time: -6.00
Seaclad Maritime (Pty) Ltd
Address: 62 Bay Terrace, Durban, 4001
Mail To: P O Box 5752, Durban, 4000
Tel: (27) (31) 332 5736
Fax: (27) (31) 337 2986

Maybe worth a call?


noel di pietro 26 Feb 2008 19:20

What trouble up north?
You mean Kenia ?

Have you considered going down the West Coast? There is no substitute for a real Trans Africa adventure!!!!


double trans africa, east and west

wanderer999 27 Feb 2008 17:03

We shipped to Walvis Bay in Namibia. More expensive there £1800 but the port fees were less than SA at just over £500. Arguably more effecient here.

You might want to try Revilo for a quote if you are shopping about Revilo Shipping.

Moggy 1 10 Apr 2008 08:37

Ian Dennis
Hi Ian,

you have some interesting things to offer but if you dont mind, how come you had to export and import your vehicle and pay that money? i thought that is what the idea of having a carne de passage was for! please can you advise.


roamingyak.org 11 Apr 2008 12:06

When my mate shipped his bike into Tilbury, and when I shipped in my rooftent etc, we simpy went to the docks and did all of the paper work
ourselves which was quite easy with the semi helpful staff.

The shipping company had given us quotes to clear it themselves, but these all included hefty fees to do so.

So if your not in a huge hurry, try doing it yourself. Usually it seems hard at the time, but looking back you realise that it's pretty easy and you would do it again etc

Ian Dennis 12 Apr 2008 09:31


You are correct the carnet excludes you from import and export taxes only. The other costs - everybody wants a bit of money from you - include things like the cost of customs inspection, moving and handling your container, storage of your container (this can be very expensive and you need to avoid it) plus any number of other charges for paperwork etc. Overall we had a good experience with MACS and Rholig. We arrived in Cape Town 3 days early and on day three we were accompanied to the docks by Henri (thank god) who guided the port staff through the process gently (they needed it). We were on the road within three hours. On our return we quite literally dropped off the keys with the agent and were given a receipt for the vehicle and I picked it up at Tilbury. We may have paid more but our travel window was very tight and we did not want to waste a day and it worked for us. We were able to use every available day without having to hang around for a week, which can happen if the weather is poor around the Cape and the ship cannot make port (in which case the simply sail on to the next port of call) One more cost you may need to consider is transit insurance (£300 each way). The shipping company will not cover your vehicle for the journey nor your road insurance. With the benefit of hindsight I would not bother with this insurance. However, it is a risk and one needs to remember the Napoli. If I were to do it all again I would probably not bother with any insurance apart from local third party. The reason I say this is because comprehensive insurance is very expensive and we were never separated from our vehicle unless it was in a secure compound. Yes there is a risk of collision (remote outside town) but you have to weigh up the risk and on balance I would not bother in future. Apart from anything else the insurance company never pays out anything like the value of the vehicle.

steve/m 20 Apr 2008 11:11

shipping 6x4 r/rover to cape town
hi we shipped our r/rover 6x4 carmicheal camper see[to]GetJealous.com Travel Blogs cape town in january of this year, we used george baker shipping of felixstow contact tessa wade on 01394 608078. costs us 1250 pounds for a 20ft container very good service

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