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goodwoodweirdo 11 Apr 2007 13:57

reliable 4x4 rental in Namibia / Cape Town ?
Can anyone recommend a reliable 4x4 rental in Namibia / Cape Town ?

I'm looking to rent an 'adventure camper' 4x4 Toyota / Nissan / land rover with camping gear... 2.5 weeks November 2007...

Would also consider a private rental, so if your on the road and interested let me know...

Many thanks in advance


Bundubasher 12 Apr 2007 17:07

Daily rate for a fully kitted 4x4 is in the region of 200USD per day, plus a sizeable deposit. Thats 18 days x 200 = 3600 USD. I know of an old landrover in CT that's for sale at 3500 USD AND it comes with alot of camping kit.

African overlanders and 4x4s for sale

Could be the start of a whole new business!

Surfer 13 Apr 2007 14:14

Britz 4 x 4 Rentals - South Africa very good!!
4x4 Hire South Africa. 4x4 Rental South Africa they will get exactly what u need...they search for u!!


i have used britz..very good service.

good luck

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