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Patrick1980 1 Mar 2010 12:41

Realistic overlanding costs
Hello all!

Having decided to start the big trip i have been reviewing camp sites fuel costs visa etc and it seems to be mounting up rapidily.

Can anyone give me advice on te following:

1. I have £30,000 to spend (Vehicle, travel insurance, carnet etc already paid for) on fuel, accommodation etc. Is this a resonable amount to travel through East Africa, Sout East Asia and Oz for approx 12 -18 months?

2. Any good ( and by good i mean cheap ) places to stay/visit on the typical Egypt to Tanzania route?



Lonesome George 1 Mar 2010 13:21

Yes! I would have though so. At a very rough guestimate I would say that after you have paid for your vehicle, travel insurance and any freighting most people seem to spend about £10,000 a year actually travelling. Obviously that depends on where you go etc. but your route seems quite cheap. I'm planning a years trip and am working on £10,000-15,000, so you should be fine with 30,000.

motoreiter 1 Mar 2010 13:21

um, I've seen people spend more than that on just a custom overlanding vehicle--what kind of vehicle are you planning on taking (moto, car, camper)? This could obviuosly be a large part of the cost equation...

Patrick1980 1 Mar 2010 14:35

The vehicle is already paid for an beautiful LC 80! Carnet, insurance etc is also covered.
The £30,000 is purely for spending money, diesel, visas, accomodation etc

I am glad to see that people can do it for £10,000 - £15,000! I must be looking in the wrong places.

Any good stop over points, camp sites etc (like Upper Hill in Nairobi) in Tanzania Zambia and Mozambique?

Oz is covered as i have family members out there and SEA is cheap!

Thanks for the responces so far, more would be appreciated

motoreiter 1 Mar 2010 15:31

Sorry, I must have misread your e-mail, I thought that you still had to buy the vehicle.

Also, 10,000 GBP per year is only about 27 GBP per day. Depending on fuel consumption, that doesn't sound like it leaves much for details like food and lodging? Maybe that's enough on a moto, but on in a LC?

Also, have you priced transport (ie, between SEA and Oz, etc.)? That will probably not be cheap.

Pumbaa 2 Mar 2010 10:03

We (my wife and I) spent about AU$ 80 per day excluding fuel. Fuel was about extra AU$ 20 per day. (The troopy did about 13 liters/100km, driving slow - never really more than 90km/hr on perfect roads)

This includes everything, oil changes(we use a troopy, so its 11 liters of oil everytime and we tried to change every 5,000-7,000km) visas, ferries, border costs...everything!!

Africa will be about US$6-10 for camping per person. We almost never paid for any camping on the first part of our trip, ie from Oz to London via Russia and Stans.

Middle East was a bit more expensive for us, mainly because we did some toursity things like Petra etc.

Hope that helps:thumbup1:

ilesmark 2 Mar 2010 10:53

Have a look at what I did for £20,000


Patrick1980 2 Mar 2010 11:29

Thanks guys!

My confidence is rising!

Seems like 14 months on the road is a reality!

£4000 on the truck
£3200 on the Carnet
£1800 on "stuff" ie tent sleeping bags cooker (not much i know)
£1000 insurance (personal)
£6000 (shipping and flights - which i hope is way too much)
£33000 on the fun bits

monster 2 Mar 2010 14:12

Our webpage contains very detailed budget costs on our trip from the UK to India, Asia inc. shipping costs, China and home via the Stans.
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