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vincent danna 15 Jan 2009 20:39

Puerto Deseado Argentina excellent garage
Our car, toyota land cruiser hzj75 played the submarine (for real!) last december 2008 here in Puero Deseado Argentina.

It has been repared successfully by the garage of "Fabio Adrian Fueyo"
Adress : calle Roca 1116
9050 Puerto Deseado / Santa Cruz Province
Tel : 0297 156214918

VERY VERY nice people, excellent service & knowledge

They really saved our car which went totally in the ocean water !!!

More info on our website : va-project

Also don't forget the bakery "Lali y Luis" :-)
Panaderia Santa Cruz
Calle Almirante Brown y San Martin

Happy travels,

Albertine & Vincent

mailking 30 Jan 2009 18:22

Heya Albertine and Vincent,

Everything A-Okay?

We are still around Cordoba. And when I saw this post, I was wondering about our last meeting in San Antonio de los Cobres. We talked about a lot things, but one thing still is clear in my head. The black smoke and the los of power. Did you ever get to a mechanic in Salta?

I found some interesting stuff on the net about this subject. If you read this, your head will be a lot clearer as well..

Saludos y besos,
Karin and Coen

vincent danna 16 Feb 2009 14:49

yes, yes, we do remember, meeting you, you were waiting for the train :-)
thanx for the diesel engine info.
bob, our car, goes well, a few electric problems but all fine after the submarine story.
we are now in santiago and going north slowly direction bolivia (after south argentina and chile)
have a look on our website va-project

hope all is well for you, maybe see you on the road
happy travels !

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