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goodwoodweirdo 1 Mar 2011 13:00

Private rent 4X4 options
Hi guys,

I just want to see what my options are;

My wife and I are looking to travel in Southern Africa (either SA, Namib, Bots, Zim, Zambia) for around 2 weeks later in the year (Oct – Dec 2011). I’m unable to get my own car there and was thinking about a private rental. I appreciate may people have their own cars stored and are wondering if anyone rents…

We’re looking for the ability to sleep in the car / roof tent, basic camping equipment, hints on where to visit and some sort of vehicle insurance. Where not planning any serious off roading, luckily 2 weeks inst long enough to really cross boarders….

Bundubasher has kindly offered his car and property in Zimbabwe which is still an option.

If its something you considering please either reply / send a personal message. Or if you know anyone…

Kindest regards

Matt Roach 1 Mar 2011 13:24


There is a significant commercial rental market in these countries, so hiring a fully equiped 4WD is fairly straight-forward. Might be more expensive than a private deal, but most have some form of support network.

It would be easiest to rent in either Joburg, Cape Town or Windhoek as there are a number of commercial operators here. You will find fewer operators in Zambia or Botswana, but you should still be able to find something.

Bushlore has offices throughout the region. If in Namibia, you could try Caprivi Car Hire. Otherwise, get hold of a copy of SA 4x4 magazine and you will see plenty of commercial operators advertising in their classifieds.

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