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uktosa 4 Jan 2011 11:12

Petrol or Diesel?
I'm driving to Cape town from the UK via the east coast around july and I have the choice of 2 cars:
An old and petrol gussling automatic G-wagen with not a lot mechanically wrong (a slightly weeping head).
A newer (more electrics) VERY slow diesel manual G-wagen with a whole lot more to fix on it (shocks, springs, radiator, etc etc., fuel guage etc. etc.)

I know there can never be a definate answer, but I am slowly coming around to the idea of the older petrol engine. People say don't use a petrol, why is this? Are both fuel types widely available and is there much deviation in price between the two along the route?

Any thoughts are welcome, thanks

Niva Say Never 4 Jan 2011 18:16

The logic for using diesel is sound for plenty of reasons;
More widely available, less volitile to transport, better mpg, far less to go wrong with an older mechanical diesel engine, generally more grunty at low revs.......i think that's the main ones.
But either way, the vehicle's got to be sound.
I have no doubt you'd make it in a well prepared petrol vehicle, but personally i'd always opt for diesel for the reasons above.

Happy travels

moggy 1968 4 Jan 2011 18:38

see the same discussion in the Toyota forum for more discussion on this

geoffshing 4 Jan 2011 18:46

Diesel.......... Deffo!

I'd have sold my soul to the devil for a diesel bike when I did my africa travels. You seem to be always able to get diesel everywhere and if not then buy some of a truck driver if your really stuck. Petrol though........ hmmm, Nah, diesel it would be for me!

RussG 5 Jan 2011 18:31

460 or 463
Something of a dilemma between the 2 vehicles you have talked about. Diesel, as everyone has pointed out, is by far the best choice.

Having said that the 463, if it’s the one you have spoken about on GWOA, has some pretty unheard of faults for a G of that vintage, broken axle, transfer box, gearbox etc. Nothing that can’t be fixed but major money and suggests a pile of other stuff hidden and waiting to bite you. They are not that much slower than the 280, so your comment about it being really slow suggests other issues with the engine as well.

The 280 has an absolutely brilliant fuel injection system, K Jetronic. But only when it’s in good condition and well set up. Requires some relatively specialist knowledge, tools and experience to fault find. First bit of crap to get past the filters will destroy the fuel distributor. But then I guess you could say that for most systems, including diesel. I have seen them trashed in the UK though due to this.

On balance the 463 sounds a liability so it’s the 280 but far from ideal. Good 460’s are rare.

Maybe I’d suggest a diesel engine transplant in to the 460 but IMHO that’s not as simple as it may first appear and just adds another failure point.


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