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hardy 1 Feb 2007 03:33

overland trip question/help
hi guys
i was searching this great forum but seems like i can't find right answer. i live in US and i'd like to know what u guys think about this. buying car here and get it ready(roof rack,tires ,suspension and etc.) plus i can only get petrol engines or going to europe and look for a car there (diesel options). i'm thinking about discovery I manual with 100k with service records and pretty big chances it was never off-road before. i could get one for about 4k-5k here in california.

Bundubasher 1 Feb 2007 06:46

Buying and preping a vehicle in the US is attractive as ALL equipment options are available to you, but you have the expense of getting your vehicle to SA plus the "problem" of not having a diesel engined vehicle.

Have you considered spending a bit of time in SA buying and equiping your vehicle there? Could work out alot cheaper plus you'll have a SA registered vehicle which only really needs a carnet for Kenya, Ethiopia and Egypt (at last count).

hardy 2 Feb 2007 03:26

yes i was thinking about buying car in south africa but i know if you looking for a car there is ussualy no car to buy.on the other hand that no carnet need is realy good thing .time/money wise. what do u think about prep cars? i also see alot of adds from people whe just finish their route.but i guess most of the cars will have EU registration which is impossible to reregistered. right do you know where to look for online for cars?

thanks paul

Bundubasher 2 Feb 2007 06:21

Not alot of EU or UK cars about as reselling them and transferring the carnet is a lot of hassle unless you already have the next owners lined up. Most people seem to ship them back to the UK as the potential finacial loss is too great otherwise.

More likely are Kenyan registered in SA and SA registered vehicles in Kenya. You should be able to buy a cheap (meaning old) SA registered landrover or Cruiser and then spend the money on the actual kit and trip.

There is a prepp'd Landi down south but I've lost the guys contact details, let me look around for you.

ChrisC 3 Feb 2007 00:00

Depends upon your starting point.......
Hi Hardy,

it depends if you want to go north-south or south-north?

From experience you will find it cheaper to kit out a vehicle in SA but the vehicles themselves are more expensive (fewer about), and are often already "well worn".
More expensive for the kit in the UK, but much wider range of vehicles available, at reasonable money.

Agree with Jeremy that Diesel is definately the way to go.

Good luck


hardy 3 Feb 2007 02:27

Hi Chris
i was thinking to go south - north and then all the way to Czech Republic where i have all my family. i'm originaly from there.but looks like i will have to go other way around.also kit out that car in uk would take aloy of time and money. living/equipment. but maybe registering the car in Czech would save me some money on carnet.things getting complicated why they just can't have diesel here in the states. would be much easier for me to work on my car in my gagrage.

tnt go east 3 Feb 2007 09:48

This is how you do it!!
Currently in Nepal after 9 months from england. im a brit.
This is what we did and cant c y it wont work for you. We bought our car via internet and had it shipped to england , this saved us alot of money. We kitted it out for the cost of the money we saved and when we get home we wuill sell it and not loose too much.
Check out www.ibcjapan.jp i have a friend who buys cars from them all the time and makes a few quid at it...i know you dont get to see:D :thumbup1: the truck first but they are real strait shooters.
Best of luck Tim

ChrisC 3 Feb 2007 18:37

Disco for sale
Hi Hardy

I am selling my Disco - see link



hardy 4 Feb 2007 04:20

Hi Chris
thanks for offer but i'm still far away from going on that trip and i realy dont like auto tranmission(bad expirience). i actually found one prep disco here in the states. only if this one was diesel. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/car/273022369.html

tahnks Paul

Bundubasher 14 Feb 2007 08:34

Alternatively: there's a 80 series cruiser with kit and service history available in the UK or a '72 series landrover in Cape Town. Both sellers want to part with their vehicles asap.

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