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farmerdomnbob 2 Oct 2009 09:59

Now every bump has a meanıng!
Not sure ıf thıs ıs anywhere on here but We,ve just met another couple ın Istanbul ın a HJ60 drıvıng from Indıa to UK, Andrew and Amelıa who told me about theır 'washıng machıne'.
It's sımply a large contaıner wıth a screw on lıd. Add water, washıng powder and clothes. Gıve ıt a hand wash for a couple of mınutes and then strap to the roof rack and drıve. Thoery ıs the sun wıll warm ıt a lıttle and the bumps wıll shake the dırt out!!!
We found ours ın eastern turkey for 2.50 TL, and ıt's workıng a dream. Although ıt's gettıng colder now, could of do wıth a black one but saves loads of tıme!!!

2cvfred 2 Oct 2009 10:52

We did this for a while as well. But if you leave your clothes in the container for too long it gets really smelly. So ideally you would have to rinse and dry your clothes first thing when you stop to camp at night.

For us it happened too much that we were either too tired, did not feel like it, or it was impossible (no water, in a city, etc..) to rinse and dry the clothes.

Not a pleasant thing to open the container after two days.

palace15 2 Oct 2009 10:56

Fellow poster dazzerrtw used one of these 'sweet jar' washing machines on his bike back in 2004, perhaps he will 'post' on how he got on with his.

Dodger 3 Oct 2009 03:54

Use cold water detergent and it works like a charm ,I sometimes strap a 5 gallon bucket to the tractor and let the clothes slosh about as I bang and crash up and down the field all day .
The worse your suspension the better the cleaning effect .

Griffdowg 5 Oct 2009 12:19

We used a military flare container strapped to the roof around Morocco, works fine.

Have recently bought a bigger container (which was used to transport lots of pills in the medical industry) as the flare container proved too small.

Use little detergent and 50% water for max slosh! :thumbup1: when your not using it to wash, you can use it to store dirty and/or wet clothes.


RogerM 6 Oct 2009 06:29

Everything old is new again - Steinbeck wrote about this method in his book "Travels with Charlie".

Dodger 6 Oct 2009 12:50


Originally Posted by RogerM (Post 259328)
Everything old is new again - Steinbeck wrote about this method in his book "Travels with Charlie".

I thought Ewan McGregor wrote that book .

CornishDeity 6 Oct 2009 15:06

Two Updates
We hae two updates for this. we use a 70l super tough dry bag instead of a container. has more second uses and more flexible on the roof.

Secondly we dont use washing powder/soap but eco freindly washing balls which means no need to rinse, and hencE removes one step and is much quicker.

Eco friendly laundry kit, Eco balls

just squeeze out excess water (we walk on the washing in the bag) and hang. Another top tip, as well as using the pegless washing line, we have two washing lines permenantly attached to the side of the landy - always handy.

PS Every ten washes or so we pay someone $1 to do the washing and remove long term curry stains. My mum hates me looking like Rab C Nesbett in the photos!

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