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silver G 17 Jul 2008 20:28

Missed opportunity
Well I went to the Hubb meet at Ripley a couple of weeks ago and I can't help but think it was a missed opportunity for the other 4 wheeled travellers to share experiences, compare notes and, yes, learn from the bikers.
There were lot's of shinny (unscratched) bikes that may have travelled on tarmac but there were also bikes and their owners who had done amazing, fantastic things with modest machines and kit (top tip).
It would have been good to meet other 4x4, 4x2, 6x6, etc, etc owners to see how they did, or are doing their trips - we all like the kit and gadgets - but we are about traveling to new, distant, exotic lands and I thought first and foremost that was our driver but it seems the (over)planning has won out over the thrill and danger of the open road.
Maybe the real travellers are out there doing it ( I know one guy who is - yes you Steve) and are too busy/far away/modest to have attended Ripley but................
rant over. perhaps next year?c?

CornishDeity 17 Jul 2008 21:41

True but ......
Hi Chris - I answered to you other post too, but .........anyhow.

I think you are right it would have been nice to go, but it would seem a bit unnecessary to insult people generally who couldn't go, for whatever reason.

Lot of people have different demands on there time, and although I really wanted to go, I couldn't free up the time. I know you are trying to start a billing vs HUBB meeting debate and if it was that simple it would be an easy decision. But it isn't, and perhaps let me explain ...

I work in Dublin and so have to commute and pre-book my flights etc, and also against project time. I am also training to cycle 1000 miles John O'groats -> Lands End, which takes a lot of my time I can assure you. On top of that there is a demanding wife (well not really, but she at leasts wants to see me). Unfortunately the date of billing was set long before the HUBB meet, and hence arrangements were made. Two friends of mine did attend the HUBB meet, and of course sang it's praises.

Anyway - as you can see I feel a little defensive, but at least next year, instead of meeting up with people talking about travelling I will be well into a 3 year round the world trip. At that point it will irrelevent which meeting I went to.

Rant Over too :)

PS Will you sponsor me for my cycle?


silver G 17 Jul 2008 22:07

Not trying to insult
Hi Ollie, not meaning to insult just trying to generate a little discussion.
I got bogged down in the whole (expensive) business of kitting out the car with the latest must have fridge and winch rope, not to mention rebuild, military gearbox bla, bla, bla but it was really refreshing to get my feet back on the ground and remember why I obsess about travelling.
There are real differences in approach to overland travel in 4x4s and it would have been good to sit down with a few beers to hear about the things you want to see in China and how being in a vehicle has real benefits over a motorbike (not to mention creature comforts such as roof tents - autocamp rule btw:thumbup1:).
I think I was just a little dissapointed at the turnout. There were people there - a chance conversation led to a description of slipping off a sea cliff with no option but to head 40' down to the sea praying the water didn't get too deep too quickly - that's what travel is about.
Still ranting.............

ps. I think you did say the other week that it was either Ripley or Billing (in mitigation:wink3:).

Re: sponsoring :- I just give to one charity on a structured basis rather than a little here and there. VSO is a very worth while organisation and hope I have the time to offer my time in the future.

CornishDeity 18 Jul 2008 07:26

Damn the internet, can't hide anything! Yes i did mention that, but ... but. Oh I can't remember!

I think it would be good to increase the 4wd presence too, but I do think that the HUBB is a MOTORCYCLE forum through and through. In fact, my two friends who attended, both of whom I introduced to the HUBB by personal recommnedation (and who since bought bikes!) came back and asked 'Don't you have your own forum!?' B@st@rds!

So there is work to be done to convince other members, and I suppose that might mean showing up at the do's ........

bmw.bec 18 Jul 2008 09:20

Ripley meet
No offence intended guys

I just think that theres a lot of people that use this HU 4x4 forum but unfortunately when it comes to meeting up and supporting the forum, theres always a poor turnout.

Would be nice to meet up with the lurkers...

CornishDeity 18 Jul 2008 09:39

So then
Hows about a 4wd focused HUBB meeting. After my cycle,, which ends mid September, I'd be happy to try and help organise something with you Bec? You're down South too. perhaps we could do some sort of Salisbury plain gathering or similar?


teflon 18 Jul 2008 13:21

Seems 2xwheel drives don't get a look in. :(

Yes - there was one at Ripley.:tank:

CornishDeity 18 Jul 2008 13:22

Go on then
2wds welcome to. Any infact!

bmw.bec 18 Jul 2008 15:28

4x4 HUBB meet
That would be great Ollie if we could organise a meet. When you got some time spare, PM me and we'll try to arrange something. I think theres another 4x4 down this way too.

All vehicles welcome!

ChrisC 20 Jul 2008 20:04

And me
Hi All

well I'm just as guilty as the rest of you - paid for my place, plus Gold Membership, T-shirts, etc, then had something come up which was totally unavoidable - due to the passing of a very close friend so had to be elsewhere.

On the matter of a meet I would be happy to pitch in with some help etc - might have a poss location will comeback to you on that one. In the meantime any other ideas, etc.
A good campsite would probably do, preferably with a decent sized covered bar area and reasonable facilities.

Do you guys want to keep it 4x4/4 wheel +, exclusive or bikers aswell - can understand if you would prefer a 4 wheel exclusive do.

Are we talking about a day meet or a weekend or overnight event?
Do you want to keep it Hubb exclusive or anyone with an interest in overland 4x4 type travel.

Any preferred dates/weekends

StanH 20 Jul 2008 21:30

Hi all

I too missed the HU meet due to other commitments, but a 4x4 meet is what is needed.
I did infact mail Grant a few months back about having a hubb meet and he was keen to support it. I have not been forthcoming with info as I have just moved house and genarally been 'lurking'.

I was thinking of doing a meet up here in the lake district but its probably impractical due to distance for most people, so if anyone has any ideas on location i will be happy to help you or vice versa.

My idea was a weekend do sometime in early september?

And to have it open to any travellers... the more the better..



CornishDeity 20 Jul 2008 21:51

Great ........
OK -I'd like to help, but it may be that my restricted time makes it hard for me to be there.

Essentially for me me I would be looking at the last weekend if September or first weekend in October, and it would have to be down south realistically.

If it turns out that that suits the majority then it would be great for me, but if not as that great Irish band** used to say, C'est Le Vie.

As fir the other questions. I think if we can find a camp site with a bar, then terrific, but a campt site, and maybe some green laning off roading (hence th suggestion of Salisbury plain.

Keep it open to all travellers but with a 'car' orientation. But anyone who enjoys travelling camping can ccome I'd say.

To suit me would be maybe have the Saturday as the main day, but the option to turn up on the Friday evening and get set up.

Saying all that I'm pretty easy, except around dates, but i don't mind if there is momentum elsewhere missing out.

Cheers :)


** B*witched

JulianVoelcker 20 Jul 2008 22:14

I've organised a few trips to Salisbury Plain for ELCO (an LC club) and would be happy to help with organising a HUBB meet, although I will be tied up with an ELCO weekend in Worcestershire around the 20th September.

I would need to check numbers, but may be able to open up the ELCO weekend to non-LC driving HUBBers - it would be a weekend of camping, hog roast on the Saturday night, access to an off road course as well as some local green laning.

XT GIRL 21 Jul 2008 04:51


Originally Posted by ChrisC (Post 199338)
Do you guys want to keep it 4x4/4 wheel +, exclusive or bikers aswell - can understand if you would prefer a 4 wheel exclusive do....


Thats just plain exclusivist!!! Isn't it??

Is the whole SPIRIT of HU not about free spirited travelling and the brotherhood of travellers looking out for each other and inspiring each other and teaching and learning from each other???

Why start a little CLIQUE of 4x4 owners... next thing, we'll have BWM owners doing their own thing -cos they're too big or clever to mix with us mortal bikers on Japanese machines, ... or maybe the Jap bikers split off because we think ourselves too hard core for everyone else...

I met up with all the 4x4 owners at the RIPLEY meet and each and every one had something interesting to add to my experience (not least the luxury of somewhere dry to keep stuff and a fully equipped kitchen!!)

you TRAVEL the SAME routes as us.... you encounter the same ADVENTURES... the only difference is... you have FOUR WHEELS and a FRIDGE for cold beers!!!! And most IMPORTANTLY --- somewhere to play LOUD PARTY music from at night!!!!


Surely you have LAND ROVER OWNERS CLUBS or WHATEVER for your 4x4 EXCLUSIVE gigs....


Don't leave out some members of HU --- then you may as well start up your own thing elsewhere!!!!

SUGGESTION: Perhaps - IF THERE WERE MORE OF YOU -- the RIDE OUTS can actually be tailored to suit BOTH bikes and 4x4s.... but since only about FOUR cars turned up... it was difficult to arrange something!!!!

I can think of nothing more FUN than to go on a JOINT ride out -- and pit the SEXY AGILITY of our bikes... against the BRUTE FORCE of your 4x4s and see who gets to the end in the best shape!!!!

THE DAKAR RACE INCLUDES BIKES, TRIKES, 4x4s, TRUCKS, BUGGIES --- and everyone is combined in the same joint spirit: ADVENTURE TRAVEL

Most of my long distance trips have INCLUDED a 4x4 in some shape or form --- we use you guys a LOT for support --


Jeez. Now stop this nonsence. I swear -- you even made me TYPE FAST... so upset I was with the whole thing....

And I SWEAR --- if you arrange an EXCLUSIVE 4x4 meet, I will arrange all the bikers I can find... and the XT Girls and our posse will come an GATE CRASH your event... and drink ALL YOUR COLD BEERS!!!!!!!

XT GIRL 21 Jul 2008 04:55


Originally Posted by CornishDeity (Post 199075)
Hows about a 4wd focused HUBB meeting.

No! No! No! No! No!


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