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moodybloo 4 Jul 2006 15:51

maroc & further south
looking to travel this sept/oct back to maroc & further south in my 4x4 iveco camper anyone else going ? would like to swap info & poss meet up on route.:thumbup1:

aghbalouramlia 9 Jul 2006 00:25

welcome in the desert of Morocco
hi all ,
this website is interesting.I live in the south of Morocco , and exactly in a small village called Remlia on the pist between Merzouga and Zagoura/Tagounite.
I have a small camp /auberge on that pist which is done most of the time by the famous rally Paris -Dakar.Also , many FWD , and motorbikes do it during the whole , and they become less in the summer time mainly in July.
my camp is located on the following GPS /N/ 30°,42?415.W/004°,22,922.
in case you pass in that , do not hesitate to stop for a drink .
also , if any one needs any info about that pist , just give a pm on the following email :

Geoffrey 12 Sep 2006 10:14

Hi, I am travelling trough morocco into west sahara into mauretania, then checking out the adrar and going back north.
I will be doing this trip this october.
I would be happy to do the difficult pistes with another vehicle because i'm alone....I also have all the gps routes for the pistes in these countries...
let me know where you gonna be when?

Tim Dunright 14 Sep 2006 22:19

also got an iveco
Hi Moodybloo

I to have a good ole iveco 4x4 camper - could well be interested in joining you in Africa but can't get to Maroc until probably mid Oct.
what timescales are you working to ?

BTW - looking for another wheel (tyres are easy to locate) , any ideas ?


moodybloo 17 Sep 2006 12:21

i will be travelling over to maroc early nov or even maybe late oct,depending upon weather in europe.let me know your dates,where are you based?

moodybloo 17 Sep 2006 12:24

Try emailing h&r loos (iveco dealer maybe get s/hand) in holland he may know where 1 is .if not Italy

Luke 22 Sep 2006 15:19

Hey Tim,
I just went to a van breaker and got a pair of tubeless wheels off a normal Daily. 235/85/16s go on them just fine, now we just have to start a tubless/tubed argument. I'm for tubeless, it dropped the unsprung weight and improved the ride (bigger tyre = lower pressure) on the front of my Daily.
It's quite tricky to find those long valved tubes for the split rims (in France anyway)
cheers and enjoy your trip

moodybloo 5 Nov 2006 15:22

now leave december
now leaving for maroc & mali in december as just out of hospital having broke my heel in France.(Hence time to do new postings).So anyone down that way look out for my iveco 4x4.

Phil Flanagan 7 Nov 2006 14:51

Africa for winter ???
Hi MOODYBLOO - bad news about the heel, how exactly do you break a heel ?
I am supposed to be heading for Istanbul (girlfriend is working there and we plan to spend christmas together), BUT, i could so easily be persuaded to head for Morocco ! had 7 months all round West Africa end 04 beginning 05 and loved it.
Would very much like to take my iveco that way and could be kinda cool to hook up together ?
What plans have you ? when do you think you'll leave? who's travelling? where to? how long?
I could easily be persuaded but I have the whole girlfriend issue to sort aswell ! maybe she could fly into Maroc.


Phil Flanagan 7 Nov 2006 14:56

Luke - saw your reply couple weks back saying you had got std daily rims and fitted them, had any problems ? is your iveco one of the ex military 4x4 ? or is it the twin wheel ?
I was concerned that the std daily wheels may not take the bashing very well, be interested to hear how you've got on with them and on what sort of terrain ? I think your truck is lower weight than mine.
Your profile says you are in France - whereabouts ? I am in Geneve at moment.

nigel_all 7 Nov 2006 22:50

Hi All

We are currently planning to leave England for Morocco just after Chrismas in our 4x4 Iveco 40.10WM 'paramedic' camper.
We intend to meet up with our friends, who are currently in France in their Unimog camper, near Algecieras and cross to Ceuta. We will be in Maroc in time to catch the Dakar passing and say Hi to our mates in the RallyRaid UK race team then will be in and around Merzouga/Oarzazate/Essouira areas and down into the Western Sahara around Daklah. We would be pleased to meet up with any fellow Iveco travellers (or those in lesser vehicles!) in January 2007.

Nigel and Linda

Luke 8 Nov 2006 07:38

In the neighbourhood
Hello Phil


Originally Posted by Phil Flanagan
I think your truck is lower weight than mine.

I can guarantee my truck is heavier. (marine ply box, 260l diesel, 200l water, winch, genny, etc.etc.)
I put the tubeless wheels up front with 235/85x16 tyres, greatly improved the comfort. In 30Kkm around WA I haven't noticed any problems. I think I found the stonyest tracks in Morocco. They're fine.


Originally Posted by Phil Flanagan
Your profile says you are in France - whereabouts ? I am in Geneve at moment.

You've just sailed past me. I'm next to Grenoble, it's about 2 hours from Geneva in a car, 3 in an Iveco ;-). Pity, as I've scanned my full workshop and electrical manual; you could have popped over and picked up a copy of the CD. It's too big to attach to an e-mail.
If you feel like making a detour you would be welcome, you could show me yours and I could show you mine (Dailys of course)

moodybloo 8 Nov 2006 11:38

heel work
Broke heel jumping off Calias quayside onto steel hull boat to rescue my dog that had fallen into sea.Dog ok, me 4 breaks in heel.

Assuming i get ok from hospital on 30 nov.i'll be meeting up with friends at Gib for xmas,then onto maroc for new year.then meeting up with the Dakar. It would be great to meet up,I'll confirm dates once i've been back to hospital & can walk(drive) again.

moggy 1968 8 Nov 2006 21:38

If you see the rounds on the dakar say hello from the guys in the pink suzuki, it should make sense to them!!

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