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Neil H 19 Jun 2011 08:56

Iveco / Magirus Worlwide Parts Service
Although I am an avid reader I am not a frequent poster on this forum but hope that some of you can offer advice.

I am about to embark on constructing an Overland Camper based on a Truck.

One of the base vehicles I am considering is the Iveco 110-16 AW ( Formerly the Magirus Deutz 168M11FAL )

It has an air cooled engine ( BF6L 913 )

My concern is regarding the worldwide availability of parts and service.

Can anyone advise me as to how available parts for this vehicle would be in areas such as Africa/ Asia and South America

Many thanks


wwwutz 19 Jun 2011 14:50

Hi Neal

Nice to know that still someone is thinking about the old Magirus monsters :D
Back in 2002 I had done my “Cape to Cairo” trip in a Magirus 170 D12, which has a different engine (the powerful V6 *yeah*), but is more or less the same mechanical concept like the 110-16. Here my (rough) experience of ,so far, 55000 Km with this truck:

Main engine parts (cylinders, piston, valves,…) are still in use (as new!) at many construction machines, generators,…, so in case this should not be a problem (these Magirus engines are bullet-proof anyway!). All chassis/drive/break parts are standard or using standardized bearings, seal, etc… you can purchase stuff like this at every car/truck parts dealer, even in Malawi. :clap:
Only some parts are left which are very specific, and these are –sad but true- only available at “Magirus/Iveco” and fuc****ing expensive! :censored:

You will find a lot of knowledge especially about trucks like these at the Allrad-LKW-Forum (Allrad-LKW-Gemeinschaft :: Index). This is a board in German language, but feel free to bounce in some English request, for sure somebody will take care about it…


Neil H 19 Jun 2011 22:38

Thanks for the information.

Its a small world as my wife has been in comunication with you yesterday and is hoping to catch up with you at the weekend at bad Kisingen

Many thanks

Neil and Pat

cretin 2 Sep 2011 23:54

All right lads, I have just got a Magirus Deutz 192D11 ex fire engine, here in Ireland and was thinking of building a camper.
Going to try and get it running tommorow, it has sat in a field for the last 13 years.
It came to me with no gearbox and i have no idea what kind of box i need, it was an automatic gearbox would you have any idea?

mailking 4 Sep 2011 21:16

I have no idea, but I would love to see some images! Good luck.
Adventurous greetings,

Mervifwdc 8 Sep 2011 12:05

Fair play to you! Great to see more folks making campers out of big trucks. Post a few photos! Merv.

cretin 2 Apr 2014 23:59

Gearbox found and ready to fit after all this time, project is back on.

marky116 8 Apr 2014 04:24

I ran a iveco 40.10w 3.5 four years around Asia, world wide service (bxllshxt) However not to many problems. When sxxt happened my god send was good relationship with the parts dept at Iveco in Bristol they could not do enough! Combined with dhl all was good!

My advice is to go visit your local parts dealer and tell them what your doing and form a relationship before you go.

I did find that lots of things on the iveco were bodgable with bits from other makes such as fiat and ford e.g brake master cylinder.

good luck

graysworld 9 Apr 2014 09:49

Brake master cylinder (off topic a bit)!
Hi Mark, what other master cylinders are the same as the Iveco 40.10


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