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lend 1 May 2011 13:54

Is this feasible?
Is this feasible?
My wife and I are planning a 4 month road trip through Southern Africa. Jan 2012 to April 2012. We want to travel as far north as Tanzania and Kenya to view the Serengeti Migration, and maybe Rwanda to see the gorillas. Is this type of a road trip feasible in a stock 4X4 vehicle (no snorkels, no jacks, no rivers over about 18”, but maybe a winch that I hope I never need). I am not interested in any real extreme off road travel. I might sound like a bit of a wimp, but remember, we are the couple that chose to ride a large Harley Touring Bike from Tierra del Fuego to Canada, just because it was more comfortable. And maybe we are little older.

I am considering shipping a 4 wheel drive ½ ton truck with a camper mounted on the box from Canada as I can not find anything this suitable and comfortable that I can rent in South Africa and take across all the borders. .

I have not yet budgeted what it would cost to ship such a vehicle from Canada to South Africa, or even found a shipper.

I would appreciate any thoughts or advise from people who have travelled this area.

Matt Roach 1 May 2011 21:18

The trip you have outlined is very feasible with a stock 4WD. Indeed, given that most of the main transit routes in southern Africa are tarmac, you could also do most of the trip in a 2WD.

Obviously if you want more challenging 4wding, you can also find it, but this is not necessary for most of the tourist highlights (with the possible exception of Moremi in the wet season between Nov-Mar). Most of the roads in the Serengeti & Ngorogoro crater are ok in the wet season, although there are a few smaller tracks near the Grumeti and Mara rivers that might be a little tricky in the rains.

Rather than a winch you might want to consider a high lift jack and some good snatch straps instead, as they are likely to be more useful.

South Africa has a good network of 4WD rental agencies and specialists, many of whom advertise in the back of either SA 4x4 or Getaway magazines, so try those for rental options.

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