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nomiskx 7 Feb 2006 13:05

how long is a piece of string ?
I know this is almost an un-answerable question but I'd appreciate any views or recent experience any of you have on the subject of budgets !

I'm planning a one year landrover trip London to Cape Town. Roughing it a lot. I have no idea how much money I'll need for that really ?

Ten grand ?

Anybody got a better idea ?



hobnob 7 Feb 2006 13:24

We are going east for a year and we reckon about a grand a month (£) But we dont know what might happen on the way so we have a slush fund just in case. Feel a bit guilty being a Solihull lad weve gone with Toyota power... good luck

2cvfred 7 Feb 2006 14:20

Do search, it's been asked before, but the concensus is indeed that there is no correct answer :-)

We are going to do trans-africa on a budget of 50euro a day. Two persons, including diesel, car maintenance, food, camping, tourist stuff. This should be considered low-budget(camping in the wild, preparing our own food).

Robbert 7 Feb 2006 21:00

I consumed <1000€ a month on the same route in 9 months. So 1000£ should allow for some reserve.

nomiskx 7 Feb 2006 21:52

thanks. I'll look through the old threads as well,


Lone Rider 8 Feb 2006 05:13

I would think that total miles/clics you're planning to travel is a major part of the equation.

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