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WillCalderwood 9 Jan 2009 23:23

GB Stickers in Africa
Has anyone here had any problems with driving in Africa without a GB sticker on the back of the car? We were meant to pick one up when crossing the English Channel and forgot... and they appear to be pretty hard to come by once you're out of the UK. Or if anyone knows where to pick them up in Southern Spain / Gibraltar then let me know.

Many thanks.

markharf 9 Jan 2009 23:39

In my admittedly limited experience, no one cares about your sticker once you leave the EU. As far as I can tell, they are not required anywhere else in the world.

I've been riding around Europe and Africa, mostly on an American bike with no country identification whatsoever. No one cares, even in EU countries. In West Africa I rode a total of four local bikes without country identification, including crossing a few borders; again, no one cared even to the extent of asking for documentation. In Guinea I ran into a French rider who had lost his plate; he replaced it with a cardboard replica, crudely hand-lettered. No one cared.

Hope that helps.


tourdeforce 9 Jan 2009 23:56

Don't worry, if not having a GB sticker is the only thing an African traffic cop can do you for, you're doing really well!!

uk_vette 11 Jan 2009 11:35

Turn it into an advantage.
You might get less hassel if they think your NOT from UK

Alexlebrit 11 Jan 2009 11:58

You could always make one?

Tony P 11 Jan 2009 12:06


Originally Posted by WillCalderwood (Post 222411)
Or if anyone knows where to pick them up in Southern Spain / Gibraltar then let me know.

Your simplest solution would be to purchase a Gibraltar sticker/plate (GBZ) and apply a bit if white paint.

Having said that, I have been driving and riding all of Europe, and much of Russia and its 'independant' republics, during the last 48 years and not once had a sticker/plate on any vehicle (although sometimes one is tucked away in my papers - just in case!) and never has it been mentioned.

PS. Or you could go via Greece (GR) and add a bit of black tape !

Threewheelbonnie 11 Jan 2009 12:33

Glue from any sticker
Get any sticker, apply and pull off leaving a dirty mark. You can then have the classic conversation that goes "Yes officer, it's right th....oh....seems to have fallen off...know where I can get one?".:oops2:

Also works for headlight beam deflectors and can be varied to include warning triangles, fire exstinguishers and so on.


ChrisC 11 Jan 2009 12:54

Don't bother
I wouldn't bother, even in France and SPain I have had no problems without a sticker.
In Africa or other Muslim countries it might be an advantage.
I was travelling in southern Turkey a few years back and US/UK were bombing Iraq, we got screamed at in restaurants & bars a couple of times, that US/UK Govt were to balme etc - once went down the road of being Welsh, and showed tham the flag on a diary - the were clueless as to where that was. Second time we said we were froom NZ they went away and came back twith a drink as an appology. Elsewhere throughout Turkey, Syria, Jordan etc we had no problems.
We were camping out in Jordan and were approached by an Iraqi/Jordanian group - large extended family of 50-60 - they invited us to join them, they were fully aware we were Brits, one of the elder ladies then explained that two of here sons and three son in laws had died in Gulf Wars etc - thaey were very realistic and balmed it on political manoevering.


eightpot 12 Jan 2009 14:38

I've never had a GB sticker, been to virtually all European countries and a few north African ones. No-one has ever mentioned I don't have one, asked to see one or been the slightest bit interested.

thestens 12 Jan 2009 19:30

Nobody cared!
Just travelled to Timbuktu and back - no sticker, nobody bothered! Even though our car is right hand drive nobody out of Spain seemed to twig that we were from UK! Just looked baffled when they approached the passenger window and there was no driving wheel!

quastdog 13 Jan 2009 11:09

Just stick a few Obama stickers on your vehicle and you'll blend in with the locals.

FunkyFro 22 Jan 2009 17:54

Don't worry bout it.
8Yrs on the road in Eu and North Africa.
Never an issue...

FunkyFro 22 Jan 2009 18:10

Don't worry bout it.
8Yrs on the road in Eu and North Africa.
Never an issue...

gilghana1 22 Jan 2009 18:37

I was visiting a mine site yesterday and the guy at the gate thought that my Ghana registered vehicle (with an unusual plate) was foreign registered - this is despite the fact that the Ghana plates even have the damn flag on it!!!!!!:rofl: So in short a GB sticker will not be asked for ;-) but I did once have a missing front number plate that caused endless grief here in Ghana - but then I also once denied speeding to a "traditionally built" lady Police Inspector and got my nipple twisted for being cheeky (really) - in front of my Girlfriends family who were first time in Africa.
Ghana Cops - love 'em really,

JeanVisser 30 Jan 2009 10:42

Ghana Cops are angels

Originally Posted by gilghana1 (Post 224784)
Ghana Cops - love 'em really,

They are angels compared to the ones in Cameroon! :nono:

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