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Outop 18 Dec 2012 18:36

Gas for Cooking
Horrified, I am.

I am according to the Gas merchants not allowed to take gas bottles for my camping stove out of the UK.

How do you good people the have done the UK to Africa trips solved this problem?


Bertrand 18 Dec 2012 18:46

It is not the gas merchants but the carriers like Eurostar/Ferry companies who have different rules about what dangerous products you may or may not carry. (gas/petrol etc)
The best thing is to ask them directly what you can or cannot carry when you make your booking.

If the answer is a 'no' to your gas bottle then do some research to find out which adaptor you might need and buy your gas bottle in Morocco on the way down.

'dodgy' refillings can happen anywhere... so best to have your own kit and know the weight of a full bottle before you go.

This forum has some info you might find useful

Outop 19 Dec 2012 19:16

Thank you Bertrand

The Hubb has really helped me

roamingyak.org 20 Dec 2012 17:43

Only ever had a brief search on the Portsmouth to Bilbao ferry, open back door, ok seems fine, thanks. Eurotunnel is more strict?

If going via Morocco, but them there - used bottles (3kg?) that are full were about 10 Euros a few years ago - to exchange for another full one when empty is about 2 euros?

Plenty of info here:

rclafton 20 Dec 2012 21:42

Never had a problem on a ferry. Gas locker is even labelled with LPG sticker.

The chunnel doesn't like them though

Griffdowg 21 Dec 2012 20:22

I was going to say you cant be serious. How many caravans leave the UK to go for a potter about France with 2 bottles in the front locker. It cant be a huge problem.

Refilling however...

Petrol stoves all the way ;)


graysworld 21 Dec 2012 22:42

never had a problem on the channel tunnel, they just check that it is off.


Warin 21 Dec 2012 23:34


Originally Posted by Outop (Post 404540)
I am according to the Gas merchants not allowed to take gas bottles for my camping stove out of the UK.

If your flying, then no.

As others have said - by ferry etc - yes, just let the workers know and they will guide you on what to do. This could mean taking the bottle/s to a separate storage area, be prepared for that. I.E. have your name (or even a ring of paint) marked on the bottles so you can id them.

roamingman 17 Mar 2013 19:13

I don't think that they get every truck driver to unload their gas bottles,

rclafton 17 Mar 2013 19:46

Chunnel rules are on the link below : note they do not like LPG powered vehicles at all

LPG and gas transport

mrsgemini 18 Mar 2013 21:15

Just be aware that the connections in Africa are different to Uk. Why not just buy a new cylinder on arrival then you won't have refilling problems.
you can always sell the cylinder when you leave :thumbup1:


oldbmw 19 Mar 2013 00:11

I am sure i read a couple of weeks ago when booking a ferry that they only require gas cylinders to be turned off.

I must look dangerous because at one time I was searched 13 times for 18 crossings ( mostly at Portsmouth) thing is whatever triggers them to search me is stopping them from searching someone who might be contravening something. Lately the searching has lessened and I have made it 5 or 6 times now without being searched. ( still with same car)

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