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driving africa 20 Dec 2005 01:41

Expedition vehicle wanted

We are two guys planning to drive throug africa for about 9 months.

We need at sturdy car we are loking for a toyota land cruiser. Preferably fully kitted for trans safari trip....

Pleas take contact!!
Photos is needed

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30 Dec 2005 21:25

Hi Guys,

please see response to your previous message.


kenningtontocapetown 7 Jan 2006 21:46

Hi, we'll be selling our Land Rover 110 200TDI at the end of our trip from London to Cape Town (due to reach Cape Town in May 2006 then possibly shipping back to UK). For photos see our website or email me.


robbinentim 11 Jan 2006 12:21

Hi, there

Have a Mercedes Benz for you. It isn't a 4x4 but you will get there as you see. It is in good condition, has beds, kitchen. You can have it for a small amount because shipping is so expensive. (It is on a Carnet the Passage so it needs to be transferd to another name).

bundufree 11 Jan 2006 19:54

I have just done the Caprivi with my Colt Club Cab 2.4i,2001 model and are considering to sell. It has got the following. Long range tank,bull bar,high lift jack, alluminium lockable canopy (with load bars), additional spare wheel. Reason for consideration is that I have bought a land cruisser. The vehicle has done 120 000km with full service records. If it is of interest contact me.

katriend 30 Jan 2006 19:10


we are selling our toyota landcruiser, type BJ 75.
it is a very strong car, with "Africa experience".
The car is totally equipped to do a long overland trip (wide space for storing luggage and sleeping inside, extra diesel tank)
Special equipment like hi-jack and air compressor is included.
The car is currently in Belgium.

if you are interested, let me know and I will send you some pictures.


bnoij 11 May 2006 05:36

This is the one!!!
We are finishing up our 2,5 year trip through Africa and Australia. Our expedition vehicle (described by many as the fanciest and best prepared vehicle they ever saw while we were on the road) will be for sale beginning of july. It is based on a HZJ-75 Landcruiser (tropical version). Check out all the details here: http://www.overlanders.net/domino/si...detailscar.doc

Of course you can read and see a lot of our adventures on our website: http://www.overlanders.net

Let us know what you think!


Bas and Ellie Noij

CornishDeity 22 May 2006 13:53

Any more vehicles?
Hello everyone - are there any more vehicles that are coming onto the market? Would particularly like to look at LR 110 200/300tdi, but anything considered

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