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lidel 7 Mar 2008 11:09

driving to goa,
Can anyone give me a rough time scale to drive to Goa from France, This is a idea for may, as we are due out there, will be driving a 300 Tdi Discovery, And advice on the best route, This is just an idea depending on what advice comes back

cedar 7 Mar 2008 12:10

Going to Goa
Hi Adi
That can take as long as you have, lots of fun places on the way. Driving non stop you could do it in 3 weeks, maybe a bit less, but three months would be better. Via Italy ex Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan is the shortest. But Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria are all good to visit (but not in the winter) or via Albania and Greece or Ukraine and Georgia, this is the route less travelled, but I would recommend a few weeks in Turkey, good food and lovely coast along the Eastern Med.('tho diesel is expensive) And don't rush through Iran, lovely people and architecture.

nessie 8 Mar 2008 07:32

hi we have a web page with all the details you might need to drive to goa. costs ,visas,gps points and camp spots take a look at NESSIESADVENTURES
should help you on your way and i agree south coast of turkey and iran best places to be, try to leave a bit early as rushing the trip all you will see is bugs on your windshield.
happy tracks

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