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pandaman26 11 Jul 2004 20:03

Budget African overland trip
I'm still looking for what 4x4 vehicle(bakkie) i should buy. people keep saying "do a search!" arggghh!

I must be a complete morron cause i haven't found anything even remotley in my budget or what seems practicle. so here i go and ask again. Please have mercy on me!

My girlfriend and I will be going to Cape town in October. we have about 4 grand US$ (30,000 rand aprox.)to buy a vehicle and another thousand for equipement, camping gear, spare parts ect. then we'll head north to Kenya or untll the money runs out. hopefully 6 months +.

So if you've done the back packer budget overland trip though africa i'd appreciate any advice or info would be great.

thanks again

Sam Rutherford 13 Jul 2004 00:22

You can do Africa with a Ford Transit, VW Golf or anything with 4 wheels/2 wheels etc. Don't cripple your budget on vehicle and kit, leave the cash to have a longer trip.

If you are set on 4wd, then have a look at Lada Niva (but don't take much kit!).


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