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JayGannon 23 Jul 2010 01:38

Auto Overland Choices
Hey guys,
Due to a medical problem (Arthritis at 25!) I find cars with clutches very hard to operate on longer journeys, so am looking at the usual suspects for a vehicle in Nissan Patrol's and Landcruiser's.

Are there any other vehicles that came in auto versions from the late 80's-early 2000's that are suitable for long overland trips or that I should be looking into in general?

Mostly traveling in Europe , the middle east and possibly a large trip up through Scandinavia into Russia.

TobyW 23 Jul 2010 17:30

Mercedes G-wagen?

For the best combination of comfort, payload, off-road ability and reliability I'd probably say go for a Toyota 80 series auto, but get a Wholesale Automatics extreme valve body, manual lock-up switch and ATF temperature gauge fitted for peace of mind.

Might also be worth bearing in mind that at least some, if not all, the manual gearbox UK spec 80 series have a servo assisted clutch pedal...

Best of luck,

gren_t 24 Jul 2010 23:25

what about a LR discovery? there are a few jap import discovery's about with the 300 tdi engine in rust free condition.

I have a mate with one and its very comfortable, plenty of space though not the fastest auto with only a 2.5ltr engine pulling it.



JayGannon 25 Jul 2010 00:47

Yeah a Disco was on my list, but so far I'd almost discounted it as rust free examples are very hard to come by. Also my experience with the 300Tdi hasn't been the best.

The G-wagen was not something I'd looked into, will have a closer look at that for sure, an 80 sounds good if we head for Asia/Russia as their everywhere in that end of the world.

RogerM 26 Jul 2010 22:51

With arthritus, I think I'd be looking at a 4x4 campervan so that all the mod cons are in the back - hot shower, heating, etc. Theres been a few threads about 4x4 Ivecos and Merc Sprinters over the years.

I'm assuming you intend camping or roof tenting with a 4x4 station wagon? I'd have thought cold and damp are your worst enemy.

JayGannon 27 Jul 2010 19:41

Yep I had looked into it, but Auto 4x4 Vans are very hard to come by unfortunately, and their prohibitively expensive for me new. Something like a VW T4 Syncro would be an option if I see one that I like for sure.

I would be camping inside the vehicle on short trips and a RTT on longer ones.

Cold and damp are my worst enemy, but I refuse to let the condition run my life, if I can ease the strain a little (Auto, Good Suspension Seat etc) I will but if not I will continue to go ahead with any plans.

Looking at it a Landcruiser 80 is most likely my best choice still. Best mix of availability, parts, and suitability.

RussG 27 Jul 2010 23:05

Auto Choices
G Wagen auto boxes are extremely robust, being far stronger than the manuals. From around 1995 you can’t get a manual G Wagen. Early non turbo 5 cylinder diesels barely move, newer 6 cylinder still pretty sloooooow, but built like the proverbial brick out house. Down side is the price.
I see you are in Ireland so you may want to contact this guy:
Needamerc - Classic Mercedes Services in Dublin, Ireland

VW T4 auto’s seem to have very poor reputation. By the sound of it heat and or electronic control issues. I guess an aftermarket oil cooler would sort the heat out. T4 Syncro’s seem very rare in RHD though and I can’t remember seeing an auto variant. Having siad that I have a T4 and you can drive it all day every day, extremely comfortable and eats miles.

On balance by the sound of it a LC80 sounds the best choice (and that’s from someone who has a G Wagen:thumbup1:


kamil 29 Jul 2010 10:39

Mitsubishi Delica would be my choice, because we have one and it is great.

dave ett 29 Jul 2010 11:53

The Pajero often comes in auto too, and the Jap market models are generally better equipped than the UK (Shogun) models.

900fantrider 29 Jul 2010 12:30

My 4 wheeled mode is a Mitsubishi L200 3.0 V6 auto on petrol/lpg (500 mile range)
I would and have taken this anywhere altough I dont know what the lpg situation is outside of Europe, but then outside of Europe I could afford to run it on petrol!
Ive had it 3 years adding 60k to it and its been pretty indestructable.
When/if I can`t ride anymore this is what I turn to for trips

SilverBirch 2 Aug 2010 20:38


Originally Posted by JayGannon (Post 298872)
... but I refuse to let the condition run my life, if I can ease the strain a little (Auto, Good Suspension Seat etc) I will but if not I will continue to go ahead with any plans.

These seem to have a good reputation in Oz. I think they sell the whole seat or just the suspension system. Stratos Seating - Products - Light Truck Seats

laplander 27 Sep 2010 22:34

look into older range rover classics, they came with good ZF automatics, are dirt cheap vehicles and share lot of things with defenders.

reason for recomendation is dirt cheap parts, and availebilety of them from england...paddockspares ect.

rover can be fixed, with out ruining the bank account...cant say the same about japanese vehicles.

to get idea:

YouTube - Wheeler Dealers Land Rover Range Rover part 1

and disco:

YouTube - Wheeler Dealers Land Rover Discovery TDi - Part 1.avi

just keep your hand of the rusty ones...

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