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Boags 31 Jan 2012 05:59

Australian CPD
Hi guys, just about to depart now, car is ready :) Can't bloody wait.

One remaining item : the CPD, the damn Carnet de Passage.
The truck has a VIC rego, is the AAA the only authorized provider for the CPD ? How does this work for each country though, going tru Iran means a 400% amount on the car, which brings the CPD to two grand, what if you "forget" to mention one or two countries, does that mean you can't enter those ? I suspect yes...
Same with tools and stuff, should you not mention any on the form, what then ?

With the AAA, you need to be a member, which is kind of silly since well I won't be driving in OZ for a while now...

They say it takes up to two weeks to go tru, so, I still have time. Departure date : June.


Griffdowg 31 Jan 2012 15:27


I believe the AAA are your only option (RAC in the UK).

With regars to mentioning countries, you need to take the highest % of the one you will go through, so if Iran is 400% your CPD needs to cover this amount.

On the ground border control only seem intested to see their country on the list (no sum is given) so im not sure. I guess the problem will arise if there ends up being a claim on it (which there shouldn't as your not going to sell it in Iran).

tools/Equipment are not mentioned on the CPD so dont worry about those. Just vehicle and you can add trailer to it if needs be.

Someone with more knowledge will be along shortly, but hopefully this will get you started.

Ps. what vehicle is it? and what is the book price?


RogerM 31 Jan 2012 20:35

In Australia the various State motoring organisations issue the carnets on behalf of the AAA. In Vic that will be the RACV. I'm not sure about membership being required, but usually the non discounted price for non members exceeds the value of joining.

If you leave a country off the list and its picked up at the border you will probably be required to pay a customs bond - which maybe a trip ender if you get a bill for 400% of the vehicle value to enter Iran.

Boags 31 Jan 2012 21:47

Thanks Griff, the car is a 1998 Troopy HZJ75, purchased 18K AUD so with the 400% for Iran it's about 1800AUD for the CPD...

@Roge, okay, it make sense. I kinda expected that much anyways :)
I'll update this post for future reference.

Boags 9 Feb 2012 04:31

Just got back from the AAA, and here's the procedure :

- Download the form (http://www.racq.com.au/__data/assets...pplication.pdf)

- Join the RACV (in my case, but you can join its equivalent in your state)

- Fill in the form, don't bother saying you have spare parts or anything, it would just add to the cost of the carnet (I filled in the form AT the AAA, WITH the AAA employee :) )

- Calculate the amount, so in my case :
Value of the car : 17500 (when I bought it, I just showed the proof of purchase from 2008, that's excluding all the transformations, hehe)
Value of the spares parts : I just said I had none, so zero.
Total : 17500AUD
Percentage of riskiest country, in my case, Iran : 470% = 17500 x 470% = 82250AUD
Insurance = 2% = 82250 x 2% = 1645AUD
Carnet fee = 400AUD
Bond = 250AUD
Total = 2295AUD.

That's it, it takes about a month to go through.

You can contact Peppina (02 6261 4407) at the AAA, she's been super helpful, she even offered to delay the carnet to the very last day of leaving Australia (since the carnet it valid for 12months only), and to mail it to Darwin for me to pick it up at the ANT.
Nice !!

So that's another thing to add to your budget : roughly 2500AUD (AAA+RACV) for a 18.000AUD car... that's if you're NOT taking the insurance they offer, of you do well the carnet costs about...80 granddoh

bnicho 10 Feb 2012 05:03

A bit late now, but I think you should have had the car valued as a trade in by a "friendly" licensed car dealer.

If you bought it in 2008 for $17,500 it's probably now worth only $10,000 as a trade in, if you get my drift. :cool4:

PS, I am jealous of your trip. :)


maximondo 10 Feb 2012 07:25

oh and another tip is to get them to send it to say Darwin Post office, (if your leaving from there) at a date closer to your leaving date - that way its issued almost at the same time as you leave.

I got it sent to my home address but i didnt leave Australia for another month, but my carnet de passage had already started ticking.

Boags 10 Feb 2012 22:39

Txs Danielle that was already arranged but yeah it gives an extra two months so that's handy.

BNicho, I haven't paid at VicRoads yet so I may take on your advice:thumbup1:

bnicho 17 Feb 2012 07:14

I meant for the Carnet value calculations Boags. Not whatever VicRoads wants. :confused1:

At least you are now RACV you will have breakdown cover automatically in some countries. I ber Iran is not one of them though. :rofl:


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