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bmw.bec 28 Feb 2008 16:27

Australia or India shipping

Looking for costs of UK to Australia and India to UK?
Have shipped bikes previously but never a landcruiser.

Many thanks for your help


andyb43 29 Mar 2008 08:10

Try Giving george Xavia an email, we have just shipped with him from India to Aus very good and a very fair price $1800 US all in all we have to pay is the cost on the Oz side his email is.


For the Oz side give Craig a ring he is again very good, they are in fremantle we have been stuck here for a month as the container was held up in Singapore, nothing the agents can do.


Kochin is a good lace to ship from small quiet and everyone knows each other also there is a home stay in Fort Nagar that costs $2 a night called the Ham Dale Inn ran by a wonderful retired couple.

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