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uk_vette 26 Dec 2007 21:22

Algeciras to Ceuta Ferry prices
Any care to pass on how much they paid for ferry prices.
1 vehicle and 2 passengers.

Which ferry company did you find to be good value?

Tim Cullis 26 Dec 2007 22:18

Mile for mile, it's quite an expensive crossing. I can't remember the price when I last went by car, but generally speaking the way to get the best price is...

- Don't get tempted to buy a ticket at any of the many booths in service stations before you get to Algeciras. They might claim they offer discount prices, but you don't know the real price, so you will undoubtedly get ripped off.

- When you get to the terminal, go to each of the ferry company booths and find out the best price. Normally you get 10% discount for booking a return ticket at the same time. Note also the most convenient timings.

- Then wander down the travel company booths and see what they will offer. Normally they are cheaper than the official booths.


Trumpton 27 Dec 2007 10:08

Irecently crossed Tarifa - Tanger on one of the fas ferries (about a 40 min crossing), and if my memory serves me right, for 1 vehicle & 2 people it was 251 euro return.
Whether we coul have got it cheaper I dont know, just turned up at the terminal & purchased the tickets!!

markharf 27 Dec 2007 12:05

I just wandered up to the fast ferry window a week ago, bought a ticket to Ceuta for self and moto and was on board and underway within 15 minutes. Cost 29 Euros. Had I been looking at multiples of hundreds, I might have shopped around. Ceuta is an easy entry.



uk_vette 27 Dec 2007 12:33

Thank you for the replies so far.

I was looking on the internet at some of the ferry companies, and the pricing was as Tim said earlier, quite expensive "mile for mile"

The quotes on the 'net were circa 381 Euros.
I nearly fell off my seat !
As mentioned, a better price could probably, and would probably be got by cross checking ferry and tour operators when on the terminal.

Where will I ever pay 380 Euros, not a chance.

Thats a real good deal for a M/C and passenger, 29 Euros, thats great !


Guest2 27 Dec 2007 12:46

That was a good price, 29 euro

was that fast ferry or ship, do you remeber the ferry company name.


gren_t 14 Jan 2008 14:06

Tararifa - Tangier
HI There,
I'm off to Morroco in march and also interested in the price of a ferry, last February(07) I crossed to tangier and paid 100Euro for a 4x4 and 2 people at the FAS desk in the port.
I was told it was a special deal as part of the ply to banjul challenge but they seemed to be very flexible with the prices.

If is going to be 250 Euro I'd better rejig my budget.. eg apply for another zero percent credit card



markharf 14 Jan 2008 17:29


Originally Posted by SteveAttwood (Post 165257)
That was a good price, 29 euro

was that fast ferry or ship, do you remeber the ferry company name.


Hi Steve,

The $29 price (motorcyle, not car) was a fast ferry, company name began with a B. Just returned on another line, sorry to have forgotten the name already. Their agent next to the last gas station in Ceuta before the ferry said they had a special, but only for cars, not bikes. I looked as disappointed as possible and she wrote me a car ticket:´$26 for me and the bike. I dont even know how long the ride took, since I went to sleep ànd woke up on the mainland.

Hope that helps.


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