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Mel D 2 Nov 2002 14:26

Which Vehicle
I live in Australia and am in the process of researching 4WDs.

I have narrowed the choice to Toyota Landcruiser, Land Rover Defender or Nissan Patrol. All cost about the same 2nd hand here in OZ for a model 2-3 years old. All are diesel, some turbo some not. Most would not have done more than 45,000 klms at time of purchase.

I intend to buy a trayback model and add a trayback camper which has bedding, tent canopy, fridge, storage and so on.

What I am most interested in is opinons on the availability of spare parts for the various models in Africa, re-sale value of the various models in Europe, particularly France, and reliability of the various models. This is a big ask so if anyone has any links to chat sites on the topics I'd be most grateful. Personal opinions and experiences are also most welcome. The trip I intend to take will cover all terrains, not just Saharan.

ChrisC 4 Nov 2002 06:39

Hi Mel

this is just my opinion but........

I have done a trans in a Land Rover and have been a lover of the brand for years but I would buy a TLC 75/78, mostly because they are more reliable and are more prominent in most African countries, you will also have a grarter range 0f choice in Aus.
If you bring a right hand drive TLC tray back or Troopie(particularly the troopie) the best place to sell, would be the UK.

If I can be of any assistance do not hesitate to email me.

Happy travels


LandRoverNomad 6 Nov 2002 02:20

Go Land Rover. The reasons are in Cruiser vs Defender in the Sahara overland forum, but basically, given similar levels of maintenance. Defenders win out IMHO as they are tougher and will go over rougher ground. Cruisers are more comfy and easier to drive. Resale values in Europe...well, France likes Defenders, UK is suspicious of Cruisers. Parts in Africa are 50/50 for both apart from Egypt (almost no landy parts).

Defenders are easier to load (interior shape), will carry more and last longer. In everything but dune sand they eat Cruisers off road.
I should add my CV - I have a 12 year old One Ten Defender that Ive taken through Europe and across the Sahara. Ive driven TLCs, Mitsus, Rangeys, Discos, Nissans, Cherokees and Wranglers and, though TLCs are capable in the desert, Ive yet to meet anything (apart from first-model Range Rovers) that compares in all-round ability to a Defender.

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SandyM 26 Nov 2002 20:14

My preference would be Land Rover first (easiest to fix and modify, best in the rough stuff), then TLC (least likely to need fixing, good everywhere), then something else...


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