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2cvfred 31 Jan 2010 11:49

Waterproofing a heater (Webasto / Eberspacher)
I am thinking of fitting an Eberspacher D5 heater to my Landcruiser. Not that the make of the heater of the car really matters as my question is more general:

These things are mounted in the engine bay. What happens when you ford a river?

My car engine has a raised air intake and as long as the engine is running no water will enter via the exhaust. But now there is this mini-engine that is not running all the time and has a seperate air intake and exhaust.

What am I missing? :confused1:

syncroand101 18 Feb 2010 13:01

When I wade with my camper, I plug the holes up prior to entering anything too deep.

There is an intake and and outlet for combustion on mine, I guess you could run them up high to avoid having to plug them..

Love having the Eber in the van though, one of my fav things, can be parked up in -5 and sit inside in shorts and still be sweating..:thumbup1:

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