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JulianVoelcker 8 Oct 2005 21:56

Vehicle Security
Hi all,

I have been talking to a few people recently about kitting out vehicles for overlanding trips and the issue of security pops up on a regular basis.

Logically I can understand the priority would be to make the vehicle as secure as possible to stop people from braking into it, and an imobiliser to stop people from driving off in it and also to possibly have a secure cabinet for important documents, but I have never understood the need for locks on things like internal draw systems etc.

Most draw systems can be broken into from the top or side with little bit of effort so the determined theif won't be put off by the lock.

I also don't fancy having to lock and unlock things like draws when ever you want something out of them. Am I nieve in thinking it is a step too far?

Thinking mainly about trips across Africa, what sort of car related crime is there - I guess the key thing is to find out what the problems are and then secure the vehicle accordingly.

I would be interested in your views.


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