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c-chaos 24 Mar 2009 10:11

Tyre Pressure
Yet another newbie question!

My Disco 1 has a new set of General Grabber 235/70/16 AT2s on it. I've been reading up on the correct pressures but am struggling to find any form of agreement :)

I seem to get the feeling that around 30psi on the front is about right and 38-40 on the back unloaded? Any suggestions? Front of the vehicle is standard + steering guard and the back will be fully loaded on the trip, 25l water tank, 40l diesel, 2 x spares on rims and all the gear.

Thank you kindly!

mattsavage 24 Mar 2009 15:08

Everyone will tell you a different figure!! But what you say seems about right. If they are too low they will wear out on the outer edges of the tyre (and they'll get hot). If they are too high then you'll wear out the centre of the tyre. Pump them up to the pressures you've said then take a look at them 1000 miles later and see how they are wearing and adjust accordingly.

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