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steve/m 28 Apr 2008 16:46

tracks for africa
Help I have just paid for tracks for africa down loaded ok but can not open it,my computer knowledge is very limited please help thanks steve

silver G 28 Apr 2008 17:17

Steve, this is copied from T4A's web site

GPS Compatibility

T4A GPS Maps is a GPS map for map capable Garmin GPS (Global Positioning Systems) receivers or compatible PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) devices ONLY!

For more information on Garmin GPS compatibility refer to our GPS Settings document.

PC/Mac Compatibility

T4A GPS Maps can be viewed with Garmin’s Trip & Waypoint Manager or MapSource software on your computer. MapSource or MapInstall from Garmin are required to upload maps from your computer to the GPS.

For MapSource settings and related information please refer to our MapSource Settings document.

For Mac users there is a conversion process as well as tools available from Garmin which enables you to convert maps to Mac format. To view these maps on your Mac you also require Bobcat which is a similar application to MapSource but developed for Mac OS. Refer to Garmin’s web page for more information on this topic. From here links are provided to the tools you require for the conversion process.

T4A GPS Maps are available in Mac format to registered users of version 8.02. Please contact sales@tracks4africa.co.za with your product purchase details and we would gladly provide links to download these files. These maps are not considered to be production releases and are available on an ’as is’ basis.

hope it helps
ps. still think you are a lucky bugger even if you haven't got a map:clap:

steve/m 8 May 2008 19:39

tracks for africa
thanks for your help Chris sorry its taken me so long to reply it seems that i need a new gps as mine will not down load anything from a laptop, we are back in the uk sorting more paper work also wendy was home sick we have left the motor in Nairobi,going back at the end of this month cheers steve.

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