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Niva Say Never 5 Aug 2008 21:15

TLC Leaf Springs
Hi all,
The time has come to pick your collective brains.......again!!
I'm getting my HJ60 land cruiser ready for the next few years travel, the main event being a years trip to cape town and back.
There are various bits of work in progress, but suspention is next on my list to plan. I'd love to be able to splash out on a full OME setup, unfortunately finances just don't permit it.
Does anyone have any experiences with the leaf springs and dampers from Milner Off Road? Or any other cheaper heavy duty setup?
I appreciate you get what you pay for with OME, but i'd be really interested if anyone can recomend anything that comes in a close second

All the best

mattsavage 7 Aug 2008 14:59

Hi. The Milner springs and shocks are fine. OME would be better, but I've fitted Milner ones to vehicles that had gone off to do desert trips and they have been no problem.
But don't forget that anything can go wrong with a heavy vehicle! Any spring (Toyota, OME or Milner etc) can break.

Niva Say Never 7 Aug 2008 21:04

Thanks Matt, much apreciated
Will be traveling very light in terms of personal bits and pieces, but there's no getting round all the fuel and water. Was thinking of taking a spare front and a rear main blade, do you think that'll do or would you take the springs complete?........never had to think about leaves before!!

marker 20 Aug 2008 18:10

Try to find second hand OEM Springs as there are people who buy OME even when their originals are still ok.

Otherwise Cruiser Connection in Germany sells great stuff for about 50 % of the OME prices

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